by kanny 19 Jan 2016

I've been keeping myself busy doing heaps of sewing these are a couple of the little outfits I've been making. The pattern designer "TADAH" they have wonderful patterns that fit and turn out beautiful, if you love pdf pattern I've added a link for you.

The 3rd pic is of my friends gorgeous 5mth old little Maddie wearing the Seaside Playsuit.


by airyfairy 25 Jan 2016

You are one very talented lady. There is a lot of work in these and the material you have used is just beautiful. I am so very envious of cuties being able to buy such beautiful fabrics

by aussiequilter 22 Jan 2016

how adorable ,

by pldc 21 Jan 2016

nicely done, ~hugs~

by gerryvb 20 Jan 2016

oh how sweet!! adorable job you did but no wonder with such a gorgeous cute model......

by dragonflyer 20 Jan 2016

Gorgeous job and the little one is a Cutie, too!

by tlp22 20 Jan 2016

These are all so adorable.The baby Maddie is precious.

by liliana1 19 Jan 2016

great outfits look really cute

by rescuer Moderator 19 Jan 2016

Beautifully done!

by katydid 19 Jan 2016

So sweet and a wonderful job!

by toogie 19 Jan 2016

Lovely job! At first glance I thought this baby was a doll/toy.-lol- She is a doll but a living doll!

by graceandham 19 Jan 2016

What a beautiful baby. The outfit suits her perfectly.

by pennifold 19 Jan 2016

Hi Karen, each time I see something you make, it makes me want to do something like these. I'm a big fan of PDF patterns. You always make such beautiful clothes. Where do you get your beautiful fabrics from, am I right in thinking you live down in Tasmania? I particularly love the Aqua set in the last picture. Well done, love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

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kanny by kanny 19 Jan 2016

Chris, most of my lovely fabrics I order online, and I'm on a few facebook fabric destash pages which I love. Yes Chris I live in Tassie on the NW Coast!