by ethan 17 Jan 2016

This is coppied from Brother PE embroidery, I did not know this. G

‎Ashley Brooke‎ to Brother PE Embroidery
10 hrs ·
My mind is blown... never knew Embroidery Library and Urban Threads were the same company (ish) looked at the bottom of their emails and both were located in same building and suite (same. exact. address.) when you're good you're good! (those are my top to go to places haha)


by jrob Moderator 18 Jan 2016

It was explained on the Urban Threads website when they launched.....About Us.

ethan by ethan 18 Jan 2016

Thank you for that, very interesting reading. G

airyfairy by airyfairy 21 Jan 2016

Thank you Jerrilyn, this is the first time I have seen this

by Shisha 18 Jan 2016

Wow! Thanks for this little tidbit Ethan! I also, had no idea whatsoever!

by gerryvb 17 Jan 2016

well it's always good when there is a good co-operation I think :)

by marianb 17 Jan 2016

Well I would have never guessed..

by ethan 17 Jan 2016

Kristina Marie "Our relationship is awesome and a bit unusual. We operate as part of a larger team at Embroidery Library, an employee-owned company of just over 20 people right outside of Minneapolis, MN – but as Urban Threads, we work apart. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to create embroidery designs with the amazing quality and digitizing skillz that EL is known and loved for, while taking them in a whole new direction for stitchers (presumably such as yourself) who crave designs you’re just not going to find on the mainstream sites."