by lique 09 Jan 2016

I made my granddaughter a princess dress (made too big so she can grow into it: it has a large hem!) for her fourth birthday. The crown is a FSL crown from embroidery Library. She insisted that her card was shown as well (A pink teddy with the no 4 from artistic thread works) She has 2 petticoats underneath and has been twirling all afternoon!


by cj2sew 15 Jan 2016

Your're the best grandmother ever and she knows it. She is indeed a pretty princess.

by sdrise 15 Jan 2016

Look at how happy she is. I would be too with a dress like that. What a great gift!

by rsloan 15 Jan 2016

What a wonderful grandma you are - and she will have hours of fun with this dress. And she will be making memories at the same time.

by zoefzoef 14 Jan 2016

she looks so pretty in it and so proud ! Well done

by jrob Moderator 13 Jan 2016

Her coronation is very impressive. I'm sure she's on the best dressed list and I love the FSL crown.

by Shisha 13 Jan 2016

What a fantastic grandma you are! I bet she was thrilled! Looks terrific!

by sandralane 10 Jan 2016

Your grand daughter is a little princess, you can tell she just loves her new dress as she is so happy. Grandmas are the best. Sandra.

by peafarm 10 Jan 2016

She is an absolute princess!!!! What a beautiful and happy face--all the reward in the world.

by pldc 10 Jan 2016

well done, she looks just like a princess too~hugs~

by lidiad 10 Jan 2016

She is adorable and the dress too!
Hugs, Lidia

by Ossineu 10 Jan 2016

Cute little princess and great work you have done.

by dailylaundry 10 Jan 2016

Great - great job on your princess's dress - what a doll she is!! What a sweetie!

by Sewmum1 09 Jan 2016

She looks so pleased. Love the idea of making it long so she can grow into it. I do this too. My eldest was still wearing a dress at 8 that I had made when she was 2. Strangely it never looked big and I let down the hem as she grew.

by designgirl 09 Jan 2016

She is adorable, her gown is beautiful.

by joansatx 09 Jan 2016

De-light-ful and a pleasure to see!

by lbrow 09 Jan 2016

BeUtiful gown for a beautiful princess. Fantastic job Grandmother! One happy princess/Lillian

by sewdoctor 09 Jan 2016

She is a cutie for sure....she looks so pleased with her dress and herself! Congratulations Grandma on making her day!

by ygarrone 09 Jan 2016

What a lovely and happy little Princess.

You did a great job.

by karenalice 09 Jan 2016

She must be thrilled! You did a great job!

by katydid 09 Jan 2016

Precious! Every girl needs a princess dress. I see so many wearing theirs to the grocery store. They are so proud of them.

by sewtired 09 Jan 2016

That looks like one very happy, regal little princess. Well done

by brendalea 09 Jan 2016

The smile on her face says it all. I think the dress was the highlight of her Birthday. Well done lique Happy Stitching :~)

by pennifold 09 Jan 2016

Well done Angelique, your grand-daughter looks like a real fairy princess. She is such a gorgeous little girl and will have years of fun with this dress. Love Chris

by noah 09 Jan 2016

Sew very very pretty you are a great Grammie i bet she feels 100% HAPPY:):)hugs

by sjbrower 09 Jan 2016

Beautiful dress that you've made for your beautiful little princess. She has a gorgeous smile for her grandmom!

by sonjapotgieter 09 Jan 2016

So cute and Pretty!!!Well done...Beautiful!!!

by pennyhal2 09 Jan 2016

Beautiful child and beautiful dress! My grandmother made me a dress when I was little. She made it so that she could add on to it each year. I loved that dress and wished my mother had saved it for me. It amazes me that even after 70 years, I still remember that dress fondly.

Perhaps someone will save this dress for her.

by lilylady 09 Jan 2016

Everything about this picture is enchanting! Love!

by dragonflyer 09 Jan 2016

Precious...she is a beauty and her princess dress is wonderful!

by baydreamer 09 Jan 2016

She is wonderful in the special Princess Dress.. what years of fun she is going to have!

by mysew1325 09 Jan 2016

she is a darling princess and you did a wonderful job.. ... how come I never had anything like this when i was a child...