by jeanfoz 08 Jan 2016

Hi, I don't know if anybody can help me, I'm working with creative drawing 5, I am trying to trim, the 3 pictures are the outline highlighted, the words only highlighted, both highlighted, how do I get it to trim, I click the trim, but nothing, what am I doing wrong, Thanks Jean xx


by topcat5 15 Sep 2016

I just googled the words: Creative Drawing 5 Trimming and many sites came up, including some that have video tutorials. You might find how to solve your problem through one of these sites. Good Luck!

by mops Moderator 11 Jan 2016

I don't know creative drawing, but what I do know is not every machine recognises that command. And if it does you have to make sure your machine is set to it, you usually have a choice.

by babash 09 Jan 2016

Can't help sorry but moving you TTT

by sandyqueen 09 Jan 2016

Sorry I can't help you as not familiar with this program. Is it an embroidery program? This post should take it back to page 1 so someone can help you.


by sandyqueen 08 Jan 2016


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jeanfoz by jeanfoz 08 Jan 2016

Thank you, Jean xx