by quail 07 Jan 2016

Here's the information for the Cutie who asked about when to add the poker chip to an embroidered stuffed item. You add it after the stuffing but before you sew the turn through area closed. Here are a couple of pictures to help you visualize the process.


by rescuer Moderator 10 Jan 2016

I hope you all got a chance to see this incredible idea.

by sewmom 07 Jan 2016

I guess I'm coming in late but what type of item is this that has a poker chip in it?

gerryb by gerryb 07 Jan 2016

Me too! What is it?

quail by quail 08 Jan 2016

It was just a post I uploaded to Projects where you make it possible for a stuffed item to stand by adding a felt covered poker chip to the bottom.

sewmom by sewmom 09 Jan 2016

What a great idea!

by rescuer Moderator 07 Jan 2016

Very kind of you to do a tutorial with pictures.
Thank you for re-posting here. We really appreciate the help!

quail by quail 07 Jan 2016

Thank you for keeping this site as wonderful as it is. I am quite sure you spend countless hours here....lots of work that none of us other Cuties see. I don't think you do it for the appreciation you occasionally receive, but from a much nobler motive. Thank you. Therese

rescuer by rescuer 10 Jan 2016

You are so sweet! Thank you.