by fabricfairy 06 Jan 2016

I have promised myself since I started machine embroidery I would do a lot of lace angels for my Christmas tree ,so this year I have decided to embroidery out two a month , doing 24 in one hit I know I would loose interest and not finish them , as I have not done any lace before I would like to know what type of thread do you use ? I don't want then to be shiny , I like that more cotton look , and I would like them to be stiff when I rinse out the backing . Thank you Cathy


by Sewmum1 09 Jan 2016

When I did fsl at a demo day with my local dealer they used the janome bobbin thread for top and bobbin to give a matt finish. Loved it so much I went home and have been doing loads of fsl since. I also used my usual embroidery threads with no problems because they are slightly thicker they helped give stiffness to the designs. I also did not wash all the wss out.
I will try the overlocking thread that someone else suggested as I have so much of it to see if I like those results also.

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

I just remember I have loads of over locker threads in pink this would look wonderful when I do my pink and silver color theme , Heavens I have so many ideas running around in my head now .

by noah 09 Jan 2016

oh once i start i can see the finish line so you GOOOOOOOOO Girllly:):))hugs and please show us!!lol

by graceandham 09 Jan 2016

I think once you stitch out 1 or 2 really beautiful ones, the other 22 will follow quickly in that week! It is addictive, once you get pretty results. I hope your tree is beautiful next December!

by meganne 07 Jan 2016

I have used cotton thread for FSL ornaments and to keep them stiff, as well as WIPE-OVER clean, I brush them with a couple of coatings of Mod Podge, after rinsing out the washaway stabiliser.

For added bling, (if desired) I sprinkle glitter on (snowflakes, etc.) while the Mod Podge is still wet.
hugs n roses, Meganne

muflotex by muflotex 07 Jan 2016

Thanks Meganne for the glitter hint, lets sprinkel some glitterdunst on the fairy angles

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

I love the idea of glitter .shall give this a go Thank you

noah by noah 09 Jan 2016

wow this is an excellent idea i just might half to try it thanks

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by dragonflyer edited 07 Jan 2016

Well, I always refer to the "experts" of my favorites it Tavernmaker...their designs are superb...they say to use regular old serger is a polyester thread, but has a matt finish like holds up very well being polyester and stitches out like a is also a 60 weight thread so it is perfect to use in your bobbin case to match upper and lower my book, if it is good enough for's good enough for me...I use it all for almost all of my FSL projects...The stiffness depends upon what you do after it is stitched...for VERY stiff FSL, you can use sugar water or starch...with either, they can be stiff as a board!

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

Good advice thank you

by 02kar Moderator 07 Jan 2016

You have gotten good advice. I use 2 layers of Water Soluble Stabilizer (WSS) and usually do only 1 or 2 at a time in a hooping. The 2nd layer of WSS is just a scrap to use it up. I use Poly thread. Be sure it a good quality thread. FSL is also beautiful in colors and variegated thread, be sure to match the bobbin thread. Don't be afraid to try FSL. Now jump in and start stitching.

by mrskiki 07 Jan 2016

I plan on doing the same with snowflakes as I want to make a table runner using tulle as the base and covering it with different sizes of white snowflakes. Good luck to both of us! Hugs. Nan W

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

I like this idea also , it would look lovely on my dining table for Christmas .

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 09 Jan 2016

Ooh I love this idea. I made loads of snowflakes at Christmas and looking for any excuse to make more!

by spendlove Moderator 07 Jan 2016

That sounds like a plan! I'ved used ordinary sewing thread for a matt finish. The stiffness depends on how much of the wss you rinse out. You can also so put some stiffness back in by soaking in a solution of wss scraps.

graceandham by graceandham 09 Jan 2016

Or "melt" some down in water in a spray bottle. However, it will not keep more than a day or two, so don't make a huge amount.

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

Great idea to keep them stiff I shall give this a try Thank you

by tlp22 07 Jan 2016

Hi Cathy, I do a lot of FSL and lots of Angels too. Many I do in poly but you can use machine embroidery cotton thread. My pacesetter thread is 50 wt for the cotton and the poly. Cotton does give more of a matte finish. Make sure and clean your bobbin. You can look on my page and see several I have posted. There are lots of designs out there so take your time and ask around about the quality of designs. Some of my favorite Angels are from Sonia Showalter and Urban threads has a 3d one I love. Tavernmaker has some good ones too. Take your time. Sonia also has some good tutorial. She explains everything in her PDF's. READ through directions entirely before starting for best results.A new needle too. I always follow the digitizers instructions. Unless I have talked to her and asked otherwise. Oma's another good one . Lots of designs out there. Hope this helps you can always P.M. me Hugs
the piggie

lilylady by lilylady 07 Jan 2016

lots of good hints.

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 09 Jan 2016

Thank you for all your wonderful hint and ideas , I have now got a few designs to try out if I get stuck with anything I shall P.M. Cathy

by toogie 07 Jan 2016

Sorry, no help here. I'm afraid I'm not good at FSL projects. There are many Cuties here that are good though so I know they'll be glad to help you.