by devon 06 Jan 2016

How much and a person take......................... Just need hugs and prayers. I know things will work out. God always knows the best for us. So I am waiting on him. Thanks Devon


by hightechgrammy 11 Jan 2016

Devon, I'm praying for you right now. I'm praying for strength for you and your family. May God give you what you need because He knows exactly what you Need. Keep your faith, dear friend. Love and Hugs, Jan

by jrob Moderator 11 Jan 2016

Devon, I'm so sorry that you are having such trials. I've heard it said that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but I don't believe that. I believe that he DOES give us more than We can handle, because he wants us to rely on Him and there is nothing he can't handle. Sending love and stopping right now to pray for you dear one.

by anssmile 11 Jan 2016

Oh, Devon... My prayers are with you. God will help you through this. All we can do is keep on praying...

by lidiad 11 Jan 2016

Hugs and prayers to you, dear Devon!

by momac 11 Jan 2016

Also sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts. Hugs from Maureen

by marianb 11 Jan 2016

sending lots and lots of hugs and positive thoughts

by castor 11 Jan 2016

coming up

by gerryvb 07 Jan 2016

prayers and hugs for you )))

by lbrow 07 Jan 2016

You have them dear {((((hugs))))))/Lillian

by cfidl 07 Jan 2016

Thoughts are positive when I think of you!

by ktk9 07 Jan 2016

How much can a person take...more than you ever dreamed possible. Remember Job? The good news is that you already know where to find strength and comfort. Just have faith in Him and trust.

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by pldc edited 07 Jan 2016


by anangel 07 Jan 2016

Devon, I am sending hugs to you, and praying for your needs to be met. Life is constant challenges, but it is still good. May the Lord bless you!

by noah 07 Jan 2016

Wiill ask God to send comfort to you and yours hugs

by toogie 07 Jan 2016

I'm so sorry for your troubles...Our lives consist of circles. We go around life's twists and turns, then things are better again, however we are forever changed. I guess that is when we show our strength, when we come through....You are right things will work out, keep your faith-Toogie

by 02kar Moderator 07 Jan 2016

Laura's advice to stop and take a breath is wonderful advice. I know you have been carrying a heavy burden for too long. Can you feel all those prayers supporting you? God's arms are around you and we are all sending cyber hugs your way and wishing we could give you actual hugs. I'm glad you reached out and talked to us. Keep talking. You know we love you and are here for you.

by sdrise 07 Jan 2016

Hugs to you!! Prayers are coming your way..

by PeggyJ 06 Jan 2016

You have my prayer and hugs. Just close your eyes and my arms are around you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Jan 2016

I am sending hugs and prayers.

by dailylaundry 06 Jan 2016

Breath, Devon, breath!! Prayers for you and yours - our prayers and our concern are behind you to help hold you!! Hugs, Laura*

by katydid 06 Jan 2016

Sending you many hugs. Kay

by pennifold 06 Jan 2016

Hi DeVon, I'm praying for you right now. I know God has his Hands on you. Love Chris

by graceandham 06 Jan 2016

Bless your heart. Quick hug - take your right hand and put it on your left shoulder. Take your left hand and put it on your right shoulder. Squeeze and repeat! Wish I could be there for you to listen.