by gerryb 02 Jan 2016

I know I've posted the one shirt, but here's the 2 youngest grans in their matching winter tees. Hard to get both of them still AND happy at the same time!


by toogie 04 Jan 2016

Good job on the shirts, cute as can be and so are the little grand daughters! I love to see clean socks... Tells me someone has clean floors. Kiss the girls for me, they re so sweet!

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gerryb by gerryb 05 Jan 2016

Tks, Toogie. My floors are not so clean, but I try. The girls don't want to keep shoes on! Larger one's gone back to Ala. & small one misses her!

by arlene 04 Jan 2016

Adorable shirts and models.

by sonjapotgieter 03 Jan 2016

Beautiful!!!!Too cute

by pennyhal2 03 Jan 2016

So cute!

by sewdeb 03 Jan 2016

Gorgeous models and the shirts are great, too!

by pldc 03 Jan 2016

you did a terrific job & they are darling ~hugs~

pldc by pldc 03 Jan 2016

love the pillow too!

gerryb by gerryb 04 Jan 2016

Thanks! I made the pillow few years ago & when I got it out, the covered button in the middle fell off. I put it aside, in a safe place, to resew later. Well, it's safe alright...I can't find where I put it!

by lbrow 03 Jan 2016

I know how that is(keeping them still) they are so cute/Lillian

by sandralane 03 Jan 2016

Super cute photo, they look adorable. Sandra.

by graceandham 02 Jan 2016

Awesome stitching and cute faces! Thanks for showing us.

by jrob Moderator 02 Jan 2016

Oh, so darling and the shirts are super cute, too.

by noah 02 Jan 2016

lovely picture of the two kiddies hugs

by laffma1 02 Jan 2016

Oh how cute are they!! Very nice t-shirts, and really cute girls.

by dailylaundry 02 Jan 2016

Oh what cute little Grands and and yes, their tees are adorable!!!

by pennifold 02 Jan 2016

Such beautiful looking little girls. Great job done on the T's as well, love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 02 Jan 2016

Awww, sweet!

by Ossineu 02 Jan 2016

The two are really cute and the shirts look great.

by designgirl 02 Jan 2016

They are both adorable. love the little shirts.