by bejoscha 30 Dec 2015

3D Season-girl (Spring)

Now that winter is over (without actually arriving in the first place), we´re preparing spring decorations. Winter-girl has to make place for spring-girl... (1st Prototype requiring adaptations still... work in progress)


by lilylady 11 Jan 2016

Thank You for the beautiful angel, will make some for our church tree.

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bejoscha by bejoscha 11 Jan 2016

you are welcome

by bemara 11 Jan 2016

looks great, properly like spring :-))

by castor 10 Jan 2016

thank you for the new designs I love them also all lthe best for the new year to you Ursula

by crazypatchmama 06 Jan 2016

lovely design, do not dare try out lace designs yet, and 3 D at that, don't even know how you put them so nicely together, very creative. will be my next project in March. a simple lace design. Thank you for your freebies as well. Will make some angels for the Sisters at the soup kitchen.

by peafarm 01 Jan 2016

Gorgeous--looks perfect to

by noah 01 Jan 2016

She is the colors in my bathroom .do you need my addy lol
Love it hugs

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 06 Jan 2016

love the hint hint :-)

by sharonleekesner 01 Jan 2016

I love her. She is beautiful.

by maggiecal 31 Dec 2015

This is lovely!! While you are here, just want to thank you for your generosity with your beautiful designs!!!!!

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bejoscha by bejoscha 31 Dec 2015

you are welcome

by stork 31 Dec 2015

How cute! Can't wait to see the others.

by lbrow 30 Dec 2015

Oh she is lovely. Can't wait to see the other seasons/Lillian

by toogie 30 Dec 2015

Just the perfect color for spring! She's a doll!

toogie by toogie 30 Dec 2015

ps. I didn't find it with the link..did I miss something? I thought I understood, winter girl was still being designed, but I thought this one is ready. She sure is cute!

bejoscha by bejoscha 31 Dec 2015

No, it is not finished jet....

toogie by toogie 01 Jan 2016

Oh..thanks, no reason I couldn't find her! she sure is pretty.

by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2015

She is lovely!!

by teun 30 Dec 2015

Sieht toll aus

by sandralane 30 Dec 2015

Looks great, well done. Sandra.

by sonjapotgieter 30 Dec 2015

She looks Awesome!!!!Stunning design...

by carolpountney 30 Dec 2015

So very cute

by jeune 30 Dec 2015

She is lovely!

by pennifold 30 Dec 2015

This is just so delicate, well done. Love C

by pldc 30 Dec 2015

well done she is really cute!~hugs~

by Ossineu 30 Dec 2015

OHHHHHH, she's so wonderful. Nice colours and beautiful design.

by laffma1 30 Dec 2015

She is so beautiful!! Love the 2 tone colors - perfect for spring.