by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

ITH Ballerina - Found this on which has so many cute patterns. Just played around with the pattern using scrap fabric and tulle. It does require some machine sewing as well but only an inch of hand sewing to close the turning point.


by sewdeb 06 Jan 2016

Absolutely adorable! Added it to my "To Do" list!

by mgregg01 06 Jan 2016

just beautiful.

by stella1 05 Jan 2016

So pretty and so sweet and cute Love it

by legare 31 Dec 2015

the work made whit love certainly Nice job

by airyfairy 31 Dec 2015

What a cutie. You have done a fantastic job

by deegee 31 Dec 2015

Oh my, she is ever sew cute. Lovely work.

by fabricfairy 30 Dec 2015

My little grand daughter would just adore this , Lovely .

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rgotter by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

I can say it was a hit with mine! She is 4 and liked the fact she could undress her. The website has lots of patterns for different clothing too that I'm tempted to try next.

by lbrow 30 Dec 2015

What a sweet little ballerina she is.. Well done/Lillian

by cj2sew 30 Dec 2015

What a fantastic job. All that tulle really makes a difference. Love it.

by toogie 30 Dec 2015

Oh she's so cute! What size is she? I have only 5x7 :(

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rgotter by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

The pattern does come in a 5x7 hoop size. I used my 6x10 hoop. I'm sure from seeing all your projects - yours would be over the top fabulous!

by vickiannette 30 Dec 2015

ah! so cute....of course we will all be busy making dolls now. I love her!

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rgotter by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

I just came across the website looking for instructions on how they paint the cloth doll faces - This makes it so much easier for people like me who are really not artistic.

by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2015

Too cute for words...

by sandralane 30 Dec 2015

Oh! she is beautiful, well done. So very cute, thanks for showing us. Sandra.

by pldc 30 Dec 2015

oh she is absolutely darling right down to her shoes or should I say Ballet slippers! Well done ~hugs~

by pennifold 30 Dec 2015

This is gorgeous, well done. Love Chris

by bejoscha 30 Dec 2015

She is so cute, well done

by zoefzoef 30 Dec 2015

what a cute doll ! Well done

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 30 Dec 2015

oh my God..just went looking at their site... they have so many cute items !...Help..where is my wallet (and budget of course )

rgotter by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

I KNOW!!! I'm trying to restrain myself!!!

vickiannette by vickiannette 30 Dec 2015

their web-site looks just a bit too enticing!

rgotter by rgotter 30 Dec 2015

Yeah, I'm going to have to buy a little "super boy" pattern next to try for my grandsons.

by baydreamer 30 Dec 2015

This is just adorable!

by Ossineu 30 Dec 2015

Such a cute little ballerina for a little girl which certainly thrilled about it

by sjbrower 30 Dec 2015

very pretty

by noah 30 Dec 2015

she will make someone happy lovely work hugs

by carolpountney 30 Dec 2015

So cute

by sonjapotgieter 30 Dec 2015

Fantastic work done...So Stunning!!!Well done..She is Sooooo Pretty!!!!