by scrappinhappie 29 Dec 2015

Has anyone that uses Embird also got the new Janome 500E. I need to know what everyone is doing to get the new hoop sizes into the software. Thanks


by babash 06 Jan 2016

Just noticed that Embird has caught up and in 2015 version the 500E frames are listed.

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scrappinhappie by scrappinhappie 06 Jan 2016

Yeaaaaaaah!! Thank you for the info!!

by babash 30 Dec 2015

I updated Embird to 2015 thinking it would have the new hoop sizes for the 500E but it didn't. I just went into Custom and typed in my measurements for the hoop I wanted to use. Works well for me a sI only have the 2 hoops at present. I am sure Embird will catch up soon.

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scrappinhappie by scrappinhappie 01 Jan 2016

My new machine came with 4 new hoops, the RE28b 7.9x11, the SQ20b 7.9x7.9, the RE20b 5.5x7.9, and the SQ14b 5.5x5.5. I have never added any custom hoops before. I looked around today but still not real sure about what I was doing. I ended up not creating anything.

by scrappinhappie 30 Dec 2015

Ok, I have one more question. Will I have to create the custom sizes in both places. Thank you both

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2015

I only have Embird Basic...can't speak for Studio...try it in Basic and if it is not there in Studio...make them there too...

mops by mops 31 Dec 2015

In Studio go to Preferences and set the hoop size by clicking on width and height - it is not saved as in Editor, but you can set it as default if that hoop is your preferred one.

by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2015

In Embird Basic in the Hoop Tab, you can create a custom size hoop for whatever size hoop you need if there is not one already listed that will work...

by spendlove Moderator 30 Dec 2015

In Studio, you can input your own measurements for the hoop size.
I'm not sure what the new hoop sizes are, but I suspect they are already in the Embird list.