by mlbell70 28 Dec 2015

I friend just gave me a small microfiber towel to emb. a name on it. What is the best way to hoop and what stablized should I use. Thanks for always helping me out of "new" problems.


by brittanycooper 29 Dec 2015

I would use WS on top. Do this when ever there is a loop in the fabric (terry, etc.) And I use the thinnest that Ithave on the back. Or more WS

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Thanks I wasn't sure about the smooth microfibre

by 02kar Moderator 29 Dec 2015

I hope to see you posting a picture of you towel. I know you will have no problem stitching it up with the great advice you have received. These are not "problems" but learning experiences. Or as a former boss of my husband's said, it is an opportunity to excel. Have fun stitching up lots of towels now. Keep asking questions, many others have the same questions but don't ask.

02kar by 02kar 29 Dec 2015

BTW, a better place to ask questions like this is in the Embroidery section. This section is to let folks know about free designs being offered.

mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post my question, thanks

rescuer by rescuer 29 Dec 2015

There are posts in the Q&A section to help Cuties know where to post and other helpful information.

by sandralane 29 Dec 2015

I do designs and names on microfibre towels, and i use WSS top and bottom. Spray with water when finished perfect, no problems. Sandra.

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Thank you, I have never emb. on the newer Microfibre fabric

by bescal 29 Dec 2015

Definitely hoop only the tear away stabilizer. I like to then machine baste the towel and the water soluble stabilizer to the hooped stabilizer. Here is a link to some free basting squares.
In fact I have several of these programmed into my memory so that they are always handy. It saves the possibility of hitting pins.

Smokey12 by Smokey12 29 Dec 2015

Thank you for the link for the basting stitches.

mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Thank you

by bowlds 29 Dec 2015

Good advice from the last 2 comments.

by airyfairy 28 Dec 2015

I do exactly as Smokey12 does but I also use a little spray adhesive before pinning the towel to the tear away. Hooping towels can leave quite a mark on the towel and I feel that if the toweling is thick it can damage the hoop. Hope you have a success.

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Thank you

by Smokey12 28 Dec 2015

I don't "hoop" mine. I hoop my tear away and then I pin the towel to the stabilizer and stitch. I also use WSS on the top to protect the stitches. Hope this helps.

joycedia by joycedia 29 Dec 2015

I use to do WSS top and bottom on towels, etc. but in the long haul of wash/dry/use, the design does not look good. Be sure to use a tearaway as your base so the design stays nice thru use. The WSS on top keeps the loops of the towel from interfering with the thread of the design.

mlbell70 by mlbell70 29 Dec 2015

Thank you