by sewfrenzie 25 Dec 2015

Please someone help me. I can't get a photo to upload this has been a problem for a while. I would like to upload what my Secret Sister sent me, but I just get the loading circle and it goes forever until I finally change the page or shut down the internet.


by sewfrenzie 25 Dec 2015

Thank you everyone opening a different browser worked for me.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 26 Dec 2015

So glad you figured it all out...Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

by lbrow 25 Dec 2015

I use to have the same problem but found if I reduced the size of the picture I had no problem getting it through/Lillian

by rescuer Moderator 25 Dec 2015

This has been a problem for many others. It was created by a major change from Microsoft. Many websites were affected. There is a post in the Q&A concerning this. You can read through it, or just use Chrome or Firefox to upload pictures. You can use more than one internet browser at a time.

by tlp22 25 Dec 2015

Delete cookies, restart or completely shut off computer. go in to administrative tools and free up disk space. Then try again. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

rescuer by rescuer 25 Dec 2015

Good advice, but in this case won't do much to help. A flower for you and my thanks to you for trying.

tlp22 by tlp22 25 Dec 2015

Awe! thank you.

by zoefzoef 25 Dec 2015

what kind of browser are you using ? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari,..
Did you try it with an other browser ? I use most of the time Internet Explorer and if I have problems I enable Tools/Enterprise Mode, and then I can upload pictures without problems.

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rescuer by rescuer 25 Dec 2015

Thank you. Flowers for you