by Trish56 19 Dec 2015

Oh dear cuties, My poor husbands needs you to be thinking of him, on Friday he was working making a stormwater pit and was banging some star pickets in with a 10lb sledge hammer and hit his pointer finger on left hand instead of the star picket !!!! OUCH !!!!! he was very good.... he didn't say naughty words .... he just stood there, looking at me, with that I am in trouble look and blood pouring out all over the place.... I went into mummy mode with him, secured the area as it was an open pit, and took him to the local hospital, 3hrs later xrays done and bleeding stopped we find we had to drive 2hrs to Newcastle (a bigger hospital) , they stabilized him and we had to go back yesterday (Saturday) for him to be operated on. He has ripped the nail from the quick end and smashed all the bone just above the quick, :( . The surgeons were very nice, but the only thing is we had to be there at 7am (left home 4.45am he wasn't operated on till 4.30 afternoon, they discharged him at 10.30pm so we didn't get home till 1am morning. He is quite sore and kicking himself for being so careless, he was very lucky that they were able to save the end of his finger, they first thought he had smashed it beyond repair and would have to take the first joint, Thank goodness that didn't happen.


by toogie 21 Dec 2015

Oh Trish! How it must have hurt him! I'm glad he is better now, that the doctors were able to save it. I laughed at your 'mommy look' you have to give him, but hey, if it works........
I hope there will be no permanent nerve damage and he heals well. Tell him to behave or he'll end up with it infected. That might put the scare in him .
What's a storm water pit, anyway?
Well Trish, I still hope in spite of all our accidents, we all have a wonderful Christmas full of love & laughter, good times, minus any mishaps !
Wishing you and yours all the best for the new year ahead-Toogie

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Trish56 by Trish56 21 Dec 2015

Thanks Toggie, he is starting to settle into the idea now that he has to give his hand a chance to heal, just because he has had surgery doesn't mean everything is ok, the Doctors told him they "Fixed "it all good. Bill (my husband) thinks when a doctor says that its everything back to normal...... do what you normally do..... I explained to him that they only mean that they have managed to put everything back and no complications, but I told him that if he doesn't rest it, he will cause complications....

We have been laying pipes for the rain water to run through, we have a lot of water running like a river in our Caravan Park when it rains and it makes a mess of the roads, as we lay the pipes, because of the fall of the land they start to go too deep , so we have to put a pit in to change the height of the trench, We were at the last of the trench when we needed another pit to bring the pipes in line with our main line to go out into the street, this is where Bill had the accident. Theses pits are called stormwater pits here in Australia, you may now them by another name in your country.
I hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy new year, and I hope Santa comes to you , be good Hugs Trish

by lbrow 21 Dec 2015

Oh dear the pain of it all. The ends of the fingers can be so sensitive. Your are in my prayers. Thankful they have been able to save it/Lillian

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Trish56 by Trish56 21 Dec 2015

Thank you Lillian, he is a very bad patient thinks he can carry on as normal, but has realise that if he rest his hand it doesn't hurt, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, merry Christmas to you and yours, Trish

by 02kar Moderator 20 Dec 2015

Oh my, I'm cringing thinking of how painful it must be. I'm so sorry you had to spent all that time in the hospital, but having the finger saved, I'd say every minute was worth the wait. It is certainly a very scary and painful way to learn a lesson though. Give him a gentle healing hug from the Cuties and we will be praying for you both. Please keep us informed on how he is doing and let us know if he is misbehaving so we can all use our Mummy voice on him.

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

yes it was painful at first after the operation , but the pain has now stopped, he now thinks that because there is no pain he can do stuff, he is not only getting the mummy voice he is also getting "The Look" if you know what I mean..... the one us mothers have when we are in public and the children are misbehaving.... didn't realise it works on husbands, or I would have used it a long time ago :) .

Thanks for stopping by and your caring comments, I read them all to him, and he is amazed by you all. Hugs to everyone. Trish

by cfidl 19 Dec 2015

My son had an experience with an injured finger, The nail was taken off and they also thought they would have to make a stump of the index finger. I changed bandages 4 x's a day for 6 weeks and the top of the finger survived. I also had a finger tip injury as it got caught in the backside of the door. It hurts! All I could do was keep it above my head to keep the throbbing at bay. I guess his work will have to wait for awhile. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

Thank you for your caring comments. I have told him that the work will have to wait, the pits that he was making will still be there to be finished after his finger is healed, I have also secured them from the public so they are not a danger to anyone, My daughters told me to use the "Mummy Voice " on him, that will make him do as he is told and rest. I appreciate you stopping by. Trish

by pacmp 19 Dec 2015

Ouch, ouch Double ouch! Hope it is all able to heal. He likely will never forget that temporary lapse of that day. Try to give him some gentle pampering as that finger will remind him more often than anything else, and will be reminding him with throbbing pain. Hope the rest of the Holiday Season can be without further injury. Pam

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

He wont be forgetting this one in a hurry that's for sure, all the way back from the hospital, he kept saying.... let this be a lesson concentrate on what is the job in front of you, not whats got to be done..... I think he is right on that one.
Thanks for your caring somments Trish

by noah 19 Dec 2015

Oh boy we will pray for him and his guardian angel was their to help him for sure hugs

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

Thank you Carolyn, his angel was definatly there all right !! also a bit of the luck of the Irish too, :) Trish

by graceandham 19 Dec 2015

Sounds horrible and glad they were able to save the finger. My grandpa lost a joint in a workshop accident and he would always review us on the safety rules and wag that finger at us, then turn us loose on the shop and his wood supplies except what was for cabinet customers!

Quick recovery and long memory!

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

Thank you for your caring thoughts, they were able to save his finger thankfully, he is finding he is restricted in what he can do , but I told him it will be like that for a bit till the stitches come out.

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Dec 2015

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. He needs a little more then a thought. He needs a prayer and you could use one too. I hope he heals fast.

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

Ouch indeed, I felt it as much as he did I think, he is a man that is hard to keep down, I am telling him to sit and rest, but he keeps going to do things,.... maybe I could knock him out somehow do you think?

by sebsews 19 Dec 2015

How horrible and most likely painful! Heal fast! Suzanna

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Trish56 by Trish56 20 Dec 2015

Thank you Suzanna, I am having trouble getting him to keep the sling on that the hospital told him to use, they have given him some strong pain tablets, hugs to you Trish