by gramsbear 19 Dec 2015

The 4th fleece blanket I would like your heelp on, my dear friend knows how much I love Nativity sets, and purchased one for me as a gift, and even tho I wrote down where she bought it, I can't remember. I have a TS on each design so that tells me this should be the sites initals, if any of you have seen this Nativity set please let me know from where, so I can give credit where it is due. It was digitized with amazing percision, and it is a beautiful set. I will put a few pics, but I am so shaky anymore, I don't do good at pics. Same measurements as other 3 fleece blankets, but this one is for a GrGranDaughter in PA. Thanx in advance for the help. Hugs, Judy...


by workbecky 21 Dec 2015

I love Nativities. Your blanket is beautiful and will be treasured.

by weezie3145 21 Dec 2015

I found this site for you. It came from Thread Sketchers site and it is called "God With Us". Go to There is also another set called "Nativity" but the one you used was this first one. Hope this helps you to remember where it came from. Glad I could help.


by katydid 20 Dec 2015

Wow! Another one. Love it ,too! Kay

by pennifold 20 Dec 2015

Best so far. I love all of your quilts. Well done, your great grand-daughter will love it. Love Chris

by worthy 20 Dec 2015

Absolutely love this. Thank you to who ever found the site.. I knew it looked familiar but could not place.. I really appreciate the information on how it stitched..

by sonjapotgieter 20 Dec 2015

The most Awesome Designs....Excellant job you have done!!!!!

by queenofhearts 20 Dec 2015

This is amazing. I had never seen this digitizers designs before but they are also amazing.

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2015

This is my favorite. How beautiful it is and what a lot of work you have done, Judy. It's going to be a great Christmas for your family.

by sandralane 20 Dec 2015

Must have been a mammoth task with all the fleece blankets, but well worth while , they have all been lovely work. Sandra..

by designgirl 19 Dec 2015


by noah 19 Dec 2015

Lovely work hugs

by fayebusby 19 Dec 2015

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2015

Beautiful job...just beautiful!

by RockyB 19 Dec 2015

Oh, this is so adorable! What a wonderful job you have done on this!

by cj2sew 19 Dec 2015

Wow! This is my favorite. I too love the Nativity, must check the link site from powagrl below.

by pldc 19 Dec 2015

very pretty & glad you got an answer so quickly~hugs~

by powagrl 19 Dec 2015

You have made a beautiful quilt. These designs come from Threadsketches.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 19 Dec 2015

Thanx so very much! I have done searches on Google and went from site to site trying to find out who digitized these wonderful designs. Now I know!!! Thanx again.