by gramsbear 19 Dec 2015

Star Wars Fleece blanket I made for one of my GrGrans, he wanted StarWars, but I could not find any designs out there, so I went to JoAnns & they had just gotten in Star Wars fleece, so here is the blanket I came up with. I cut the blocks 10.5x10.5 and used 1/2" seams. Fringed them except for the outside edge, I hemmed that. I do not like fringe in my face. Hahaha! Finished size measures about 50"x70", and I call them Couch Blankets. For wrapping in to watch a movie or other. Thanx for looking.


by katydid 20 Dec 2015

Every thing Star Wars crazy now. Great gift!!

by pennifold 20 Dec 2015

Very trendy at the moment and he will love it. Well done, love Chris

by worthy 20 Dec 2015

Great job.. You are going to be the most hugged person this Christmas.

WOW all the time it took just to cut the blocks so they have even fringe.Congratulation a job well done on all.

by sonjapotgieter 20 Dec 2015

Great work done!!!!Stunning blanket..Gorgeous!!!

by 02kar Moderator 20 Dec 2015

You certainly thought outside the box with this blanket. Great job

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2015

That'll be one happy boy. The force is strong in this one. :)

by sandralane 20 Dec 2015

This is very fancy, great bright colours, thanks for showing us. Sandra.

by lilylady 20 Dec 2015

You Just made his christmas! cute!

by noah 19 Dec 2015

Way to go Judy your moving right along hugs

by cj2sew 19 Dec 2015

Wow you did that quick. And with the movie that just came out your timing is great.

by pldc 19 Dec 2015

very pretty ~hugs~

by mechille 19 Dec 2015

nice job.

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2015

Very nice...can't make out what's embroidered on this one...

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gramsbear by gramsbear 19 Dec 2015

It says "This blankeet made expecially for Aiden, with lots of Love and a big WHOOOSH, by Grammy." He is 5 yrs old and sent me love & energy a while back with a big WHOOOOSH!!! Hahaha!