by anssmile 14 Dec 2015


We have beautiful designs on Cute (I bought a membership, so I have them all!), but can we put in requests? I would dearly love to see a set of Nativity designs for adults...

I adore the Santas, and the Cardinals, and the most georgous penguins called Pinguin, and all the rest, but I have very little Nativity designs...

Thank you for the beautiful designs and gifts, Miss Veronica!

Have a blessed Christmas season.


by rescuer Moderator 14 Dec 2015

Do you have these?

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anssmile by anssmile 14 Dec 2015

Yes, thank you, they were the reason I bought my first membership. But I was hoping for a greater variety? 4x4 Designs one can use on small gift bags or coasters?
These are beautiful... but too big for what I want to do...

Thanks for replying so soon.
Best wishes for a wonderful, Blessed Christmas season for you. Anneliese