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Ageless Embroidery has 2 new designs sets in their $1 section, a Christmas deer & a sweet snowman set.

Don't forget the day 2 design of a Turtle at Stitch It Cheap, as these will not stay free but go up to 89 cents when day 3 will be posted, later today 12/13/2015.

Betty's Original Embroideries has the next set of the chickadee font set S,T &U now hidden on her site. If you do not get her newsletter, which also gives you the info on where to find them, I have found checking the Top Sellers designs is a great place to start. The letter N is also up. http://www.bettysoriginalembroide...

On Julia's Needle designs be sure to not only solve today's clue for a free set, but you may want to take some time to save a wishlist on her site and occasionally check them, as she had marked one of my sets as a free gift when it was not a freebie for the site. It was a wonderful surprise being that she is already giving so much and has a great sale going also.

Designs By Janet Sansom has the full 13 Days of Christmas alphabet currently available.

Hope all have a great Holiday Season, Please think about where you tend to collect and stitch out the most of your freebies you collect. I know that as I try to go to each of the sites each day and any time we have a bit of extra money available for designs I try to spend those funds at the sites that I have used their freebies. If we each spent just a couple dollars at our favorite sites to collect from it would truly make a big difference for each of those sites. Many sites, the money from the sites is their only income, and each sale is very much appreciated. It also allows them to continue providing additional freebies.Take care. Pam


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