by nonna57 07 Dec 2015

Hello Ladies. Hoping this is right posting . Computer passed away a few mths back. I lost all my bookmark links. Silly me not backing up. Bevintex i think posted how to make eyeglass case with builders tape measure. Would be every so grateful if sime sweet cutie will help. I will in payment send you a bunch of flowers ..... allbeit 1 at a time daily .:)) TIA Pauline


by vickiannette 08 Dec 2015

yes, I do remember that idea. I think you just cut some builders tape measure into appropriate size (2 bits) and stitched it into the top of the glasses case. This formed a 'spring' so that the top closed by itself.

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nonna57 by nonna57 08 Dec 2015

Thanks Vickiannette, Yes thats the one ... The old grey matter is starting to go to mash i"m afraid. Needs a jolt every now and then :)

by killiecrankie 08 Dec 2015

I've lost my links a few times & found a good way to start a new list, is to use Sewmoms large weekly list to create a new one.

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nonna57 by nonna57 08 Dec 2015

Great idea thanks didnt think of Sewmom . Another lesson learnt :))

by katydid 07 Dec 2015

Don't feel bad I don't know how to back up book mark either. So sorry you lost stuff. Hopefully you can get it back. kay

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nonna57 by nonna57 08 Dec 2015

Thanks Kay am building a new list (manually) with the old pen and paper. :))

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by jrob Moderator edited 07 Dec 2015

Tutorial, I think is here.
Here's another (2)

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nonna57 by nonna57 07 Dec 2015

Thankyou Jerrilyn Have sent you a Rose today :)