by lolly3 05 Dec 2015

Hi Cuties, I thought you would like to see my Anti-slip Sewing Machine Foot Mat.

I made it using 1" material strips, sewing them all together, cut it into a 10" square, then placed wadding and some anti-slip fabric on the under side and bound around all sides.
I purchase the anti-slip fabric from Ikea, they sell it for using under your carpet floor rugs.
If you would like to make this for yourself, you must place the stripping pieces on the horizontal, doing this stops the machine foot from sliding off of the mat.
Thankyou for looking
Regards Lorraine
South Australia


by rachap 06 Dec 2015

What a great idea!!I have tried so many things to keep that control where I want it but this looks like it would really work. I have tons of scraps so will make one soon. Thanks for sharing.

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lolly3 by lolly3 06 Dec 2015

Hi rachap. Thankyou. I saw the original idea from Pinterest, just a picture no Instructions. And I thought as well, what a great idea, I can do with one of these. Would love to see your version and how you find it.
Regards Lorraine

by marianb 06 Dec 2015

Another great idea you've had, it just what I need. Mine walks of halfway through a project.. lol.. Marian

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lolly3 by lolly3 06 Dec 2015

Hi Marian, Thankyou for your kind comment. Yes I know how you feel. I was just saying to vickiannette that I will have to make another one as I have given this one to Sue to use in her Sewing Class next year. I may even make a spare, you can never have to much sewing tools LOL
Love Lorraine

by vickiannette 06 Dec 2015

this is just what I need, as my foot control has a life of it's own ! (I live in Sth Aus too.)

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lolly3 by lolly3 06 Dec 2015

Hi vickiannette, Thankyou. Nice to hear that there is another South Aussie here. Yes I made this to use under my Foot Control and ended up giving it to my friend Sue, from Sue's Sewing World, to use in one of her Sewing Class's complete with Instructions as well in the New Year. So now back to the drawing board to make one for me. He he
Regards Lorrine

by stock 06 Dec 2015

I am puzzled is it for the feet on your machine or your foot and you use it on the floor.... as they used to say on" Hey Hey" folks are dumb where I come from.....wendy vic

lolly3 by lolly3 06 Dec 2015

Hi stock, Thankyou for your feed back. It is to be used under your foot control, The one that goes onto the floor. Not a silly question come to think it. When we Machine Embroider we do not use a foot control, we just press a start button.
Regards Lorraine

stock by stock 07 Dec 2015

now is see it,i am going to have a try too, I'm always chasing mine...wendy

by sandralane 05 Dec 2015

Thanks for the tips Lorraine, i have had shelf grip for years under my machines. Decorated one with a lily and one with a magnolia pictures in projects. This is a nice idea of yours shall give it a try next year. You have done a great project. Thanks for showing us. Sandra. (Albury n,s,w, )

lolly3 by lolly3 06 Dec 2015

Hi Sandra, Thankyou for your kind comment. I have been making up some craft projects for a friend who has a Craft and Sewing Business. She will be using them in her Classes in the New Year. And have instructions for all that I have made. So if you would like the Instructions for the Foot Control Mat, just PM and I will send it to you.
Regards Lorraine.

sandralane by sandralane 06 Dec 2015

Thank you Lorraine, i can work it out from your informitive instructions. Sandra.