by otherside 03 Dec 2015

Hello, I am trying to digitize a design but every time there is a colour change, the new colour does a stitch where the previous colour stopped, then moves over to the new starting point and leaves a huge jump stitch across the whole embroidery. Does anyone know how to change this (that every new colour will start at the start of the block and not at the end of the previous block?) I use the Bernina software and would be grateful if anyone has some advice. Thank you in advance!


by Zinobia 15 Dec 2015

Haven't used Bernina software or know much about digitising but from what I have read this happens if you have selected option of locking stitches before and after colour change.
See if you have that option and disable locking stitches at beginning of new colour.
Hope it helps.

otherside by otherside 31 Dec 2015

Hi Zinobia, thank you so much for your reply. I will have a look now. Happy New Year!

Zinobia by Zinobia 01 Jan 2016

Happy new year. If possible let me know if ihe option was there and whether you could stop that annoyance.

otherside by otherside 04 Jan 2016

Hi Zinobia, I had a look through the program as well as manual (500 pages) and I cant come across this function which is a shame. I noticed though that it does this when using .jef - when using .xxx I do not have that problem. Maybe it is specific to the format? Thank you for your help. Edith

Zinobia by Zinobia 07 Jan 2016

Thank you very much for the feedback. Have fun.. digitising and embroidering..Regards

by spendlove Moderator 03 Dec 2015

That sound very frustrating. I'm afraid I can't help as I use Embird, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who can!

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otherside by otherside 03 Dec 2015

thank you for your reply!