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by anssmile ( edited 20 Dec 2015 ) 30 Nov 2015


Just an update on the Artistic Threadwork membership problem:

They currently have a problem with their server rejecting emails, and the site not creating memberships, but they are working to solve the problem.

This is why I like using Paypal. If you do not receive what you paid for, or you are unhappy with the product delivered, you can raise an issue at Paypal. They contact the supplier, and if the issue can not be resolved, they refund you.

I raised an issue with them, and had an answer back within 2 days. My problem is now solved.

Artistic Threadworks contacted me and I now have an email address for them that is not rejected by their server. They also added me as a member.

Should any of you have problems with your memberships and contacting them, please send me a private mail and I will supply you with a contactable email address for them.


Previous post:
Did any of you made use of the Black Monday deal to buy membership at Artistic Threadwork? It was $1.99 for one month.
I did, but the site does not recognize my username or email, and all quries addressed to the site comes back - they reject mail addressed to them, even mail addressed to the support email address given on the site?

Did any of you encounter the same problem?

The site address is https://www.artisticthreadworks.c....




by anssmile 20 Dec 2015

Problem solved - they added me as a member.

by maymason1 30 Nov 2015

it didn't work for me., i will try again before dec 2nd

by katydid 30 Nov 2015

I gave up on this site years ago. Nothing wrong with them, but not my style. Surly, they will resolve it. I just got tired of following their trips across the country. KAY

by graceandham 30 Nov 2015

I'd give them a little time to respond. He's the programmer. She's the digitizer. They may have had an overwhelming response to their sale price, or site may need work.