by sjbrower ( edited 10 Jan 2016 ) 27 Nov 2015

Towels for gifts.

The Thanksgiving design was from Julia's Needle Designs and was a gift for my neighbor (along with a Thanksgiving pie!).

The red towel design was from EmbLibrary and is a gift for a friend. I stitched on the ribbon and then sewed the ribbon on the towel. I love how it came out, and am thinking to do more like that.


by pldc 28 Nov 2015

Terrific job ~hugs~

by graceandham 28 Nov 2015

Hey, great idea. You could put down several pieces of ribbon on one layer of sticky back, and keep moving the design to hit the ribbon! Oh! But that would be cheating, wouldn't it. Would hurt the people who sell the expensive stabilizers.

by workbecky 28 Nov 2015

Love them both. Great idea to stitch on the ribbon first.

by laffma1 28 Nov 2015

They are both lovely. Great idea to stitch on ribbon first, then apply that to the towel. Those are also eobderful fall colors you used. Nice job!

by deegee 28 Nov 2015

Wow, they look great. Well done.

by lbrow 27 Nov 2015

They both look terrific. Great job!/Lillian

by sandralane 27 Nov 2015

Beautifully embroidered, well done. Sandra.

by decojo 27 Nov 2015

Beautiful set! Joyce

by PIGNADA 27 Nov 2015

Lovely set, nicely done! I like the idea of a stitched ribbon sewed on the towel. Thank you very much for sharing. Amitiés de France.

by pennifold 27 Nov 2015

Love the towel it's turned out wonderfully. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 27 Nov 2015

Gorgeous!!!Great design and work

by pennyhal2 27 Nov 2015

That's lovely saying! The designs on the ribbon are just right for that towel. I like the idea of stitching the ribbon first, then stitching it to the towel. Well done!

by noah 27 Nov 2015

Love them both hugs

by highlandermom 27 Nov 2015

Both are pretty.