by sjbrower ( edited 10 Jan 2016 ) 27 Nov 2015

Some t-shirts.... still practicing, but I'm liking them better these days. I'm using one layer of tear-away and a layer of polymesh. I hoop it all, and my stitchouts seem to do well.

First tee-shirt is for me! I love poinsettias, and wanted stitching that went up kinda over my shoulder. I probably could have gone higher, but I like how it looks. Design for large hoop from emblibrary.

Second pictures are for my great niece and nephew and will go in the mail to them early next week. Ella's shirts were from WalMart and Sugar/spice design from Urban Threads, Monogram from a set that I bought on Etsy years ago (and have used a lot!)

Kai's shirts are from the Dollar Tree and Rock and roll design from EmbLibrary and Gator designs from Applique Corner. The teeth on the gator are made from rick rack. I didn't like the way that the back teeth looked so I cut them off. It left some white near the edge (but I said oh well....)


by softhearted1 04 Dec 2015

Beautifully done. Nice work on all the shirts. The kids are sure to love theirs. ~Charlotte

by pldc 28 Nov 2015

Terrific job & love the gator teeth! Very creative~hugs~

by rachap 28 Nov 2015

Good job. They are all nice but the gator is my favorite,too.

by airyfairy 28 Nov 2015

You have done a fantastic job. My favorite is the crocodile.

by Barbaric 28 Nov 2015

great job

by stella1 28 Nov 2015

All of them are very nice and so beautiful

by deegee 28 Nov 2015

All are very nice. I do really like the flowers. The kids should love them. Well done.

by lbrow 27 Nov 2015

Marvelousjob you have done on these shirts. They are going to love them/Lillian

by sandralane 27 Nov 2015

You have done a great job with all these designs.Thanks for showing us. Sandra.

by pennifold 27 Nov 2015

Great job on them all. Love Chris

by joann1 27 Nov 2015

The are so lovely. You did good. hugs joann

by basketkase 27 Nov 2015

Lovely work.......

by sonjapotgieter 27 Nov 2015

These are Beautiful!!!!Well done

by Leaha 27 Nov 2015

Love the shirt for you, the rest are very cute. The last one is perfect for a boy and he'll really enjoy wearing it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Nov 2015

Job real well done. Love them all

by pennyhal2 27 Nov 2015

Thanks for the info on the stabilizers! I always wonder about that when I see such nice stitching done. The tshirts are fantastic! Those aligator teeth scared me! That was a clever addition to the design. Well done!

by Smokey12 27 Nov 2015

They all look great. I love the gator, and I really had to look to get the cut part for the teeth. Looks fine to me.

by gerryb 27 Nov 2015

They look great! Glad to see the monogram on the lace shirt. I get my kids shirts from WalMart (Granimals wear very well!) & had wondered about the lace ones.

by dragonflyer 27 Nov 2015

Nice job on all of them!

by highlandermom 27 Nov 2015

Love them all. Very nicely done.

by noah 27 Nov 2015

these looked very lovely stitched out thanks for showing us hugs Carolyn