by pacmp 26 Nov 2015

Stitch it cheap has an Izzy Pocahontas in a canoe with lots of woodlands creatures, very cute!


by katydid 26 Nov 2015

Wow, don't know if I have ever seen a design of Pocahontas. I am a direct descendant of her husband John Rolfe as my Great grand mother was a Randolph. Many of my realities have Randolph as part of their given names as it is a proud name to pass on. My granddaughters used to love for me to read them the story of Pocahontas and especially loved the fact she was part of out family heritage. Kay

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pacmp by pacmp 26 Nov 2015

Kay- How awesome you are from the Rolfe family line. Having a family member well known in history means there will be a treasure trove of information if you want to search the genealogy sites and libraries for treasured family stories. It also means you can rule out quickly the Disney version or other fantasy based stories as they generally start with a tiny fragment of truth and twist it to more of a fairy tail. Thank You Kay, for sharing this bit of your family .

by haleymax 26 Nov 2015

Thank you.

by PatriciaMothersell 26 Nov 2015

Thanks so much.

by CharlotteR 26 Nov 2015

Thank You!!

by pennyhal2 26 Nov 2015


by Alkestis 26 Nov 2015

niedlich, danke

by genin 26 Nov 2015

Thank you. It 's very beautiful

by cfidl 26 Nov 2015

Thanks! she is really cute!

by sdrise 26 Nov 2015

Thank You!!

by edithfarminer 26 Nov 2015

Very cute, thanks

by gramsbear 26 Nov 2015

Thanx!!! Sooooo Cute!!!

by brittanycooper 26 Nov 2015


by lilylady 26 Nov 2015

thank you, haven't been to this site!

by marianb 26 Nov 2015

thank you

by sandralane 26 Nov 2015

Thank you have just downloaded this design, looks good hope it embroiders as good as their other designs. Sandra.

pacmp by pacmp 26 Nov 2015

It has been so quiet on that site for months now, and to get 2 freebies in a week has been quite a treat. It looks like a very cute design and hoping it stitches well too!

teddygram by teddygram 26 Nov 2015

Love this I wish that it came in sm hoop,I only have 4x4, I do not know how to make it smaller, I still got it because it is so cute ty so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.