by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

Cuties, i am needing some advice please if any one has a Janome 500e embroidery machine. As i am thinking of buying one next week, would appreciate any thoughts on their use of this machine. Any problems, and is it as easy to use as the information says. Thanking you. Sandra.


by Patricia109 28 Nov 2015

I had a look at it when it was first released in Australia and it included the software and a few other things. I was very tempted.
Then I remembered all the troubles the girls in my sewing class had over the troubles I had with my machine. There weren't many for any of us. So that didn't worry me.
Just decided it wasn't worth it for me to change machines when I had just bought embroidery software after a few years of procrastinating.
Good luck with it and hope the free software still comes with the machine.

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sandralane by sandralane 28 Nov 2015

Thanks for your information. Yes free software ,embroidery editor, plus a bag of goodies worth about $120. My dealer in Albury NSW is very good ,as many classes as i want is included as well. Also we have an excellent repair man at great rates, who i have used before servicing my other machines. A weeks turn around for service , and is connected to my local dealer, who also has classes on all sorts of embroidery and sewing. We have a pretty good deal in our town. Sandra.

by babash 26 Nov 2015

I just thought of something else for you to ask when you go for your demo. "What are the bonuses you are throwing in as a package"?
I did this as another store was offering 200 bobbins, USB stick, Scissors and bobbin thread. All for the same asking price. They did up a package for me that I was happy with.
As my Mum used to say never hurts to ask.

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sandralane by sandralane 26 Nov 2015

Thanks for the tip, yes i shall ask. Who knows what will happen when you ask, trouble is, this is the only dealer in my town. They do give good service, and their repair man charges are reasonable. One week turn around for a service and clean on my Elna 130 dollars.

by babash 25 Nov 2015

I have the 500e and love it. Had a few issues with the threading to start with but now all good. It embroiders like a dream.
This machine takes up a fair amount of table space with the support table which goes with the machine for the larger hoop.
When I went for a demo they didn't have it set up with the support table and didn't look so big.
When I went to collect my machine I couldn't get over the size of the box it came in. You need 2 people to lift box.

sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

Thank you for your response. glad to hear all is okay with this machine from a few people. I have a demo tomorrow, so hope all goes well and i shall have another machine. Yes i know it takes space, which luckily i do have plenty of. Am looking forward to another machine as my Elna 8600 does not do large designs, i will still keep it as i have no trouble with it. Just in for a clean and service at the moment, will be good to have another one. Seems a lot of cutie people have more than one. Sandra.

babash by babash 26 Nov 2015

I have the 300e and didn't trade it in. As the new one still doesn't have the smaller hoops available it is the best of both worlds. Also if your other machine is working fine why get rid of it as you don't get what it is worth.

sandralane by sandralane 26 Nov 2015

I am still keeping my first machine won't ever trade it. Love it and need a second one as stated. Eventually will pass them on to my daughter-in-law when i am unable to sew any more so won't leave the family. Hope that is a long way off. Sandra.

by jay9a 25 Nov 2015

I have this machine and I love it. It is just as good as they say it is. I find the small hoop good for embroidering small designs as you save on stabiliser. Downloading file designs from the nets is easy just cut and paste. Machine embroiders the designs very well and looks good. I always use good embroidery threads on my machine not the cheap type. Hope this helps

spendlove by spendlove 25 Nov 2015

Welcome to Cute! I hope you will show us some of your projects.

sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

A warm welcome to the cute family, and thank you for your response. Yes if all goes well tomorrow i shall have another machine, with larger hoops than my Elna expressive 8600. In Australia the machine only comes with the two larger hoops, so i will purchase the other two sizes, as they are not available yet. Sandra.

by tilde01 25 Nov 2015

I just purchased the Elna eXpressive 830 that is same as Janome 500e and am loving it. Threading has a learning curve. I went from Janome 300e to Elna. Both machines are made by Janome and use the same format.

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sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

I have had an Elna 8600 xpressive for a few years and love it. In for a clean and service, thought i may like another to be able to use with a larger hoop. So i have a lesson tomorrow on the new one, all well i shall purchase another machine. Thank you for your response. Sandra.

by gdsteliga 25 Nov 2015

I have a 350E. Love it. Would trade up to the 500E for the new features and larger hoops. If it ever makes it to Canada.

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sandralane by sandralane 26 Nov 2015

I am sure it will make it to your part of the world soon. Thank you for your comment. Sandra.

by sdrise 25 Nov 2015

I would suggest before spending money on the machine go to a dealer and try it out. See if it is what you want. I tried several machine before I settled on my Babylocks

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sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

Thank you for your response, yes i have a lesson tomorrow. Will see hoe that goes. Sandra.

by spendlove Moderator 25 Nov 2015

Raelene has one and has posted quite a few projects she has made with it. (See the link)

sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

Thank you for responding and your help. Very much appreciated.

sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

I have just looked at Ralene's work ,really good. Hope i can also do some projects when i get mine, have to get the old grey matter processing. It will probably take me a little longer to get used to it.

by graceandham 25 Nov 2015

Uh-oh! Looks like so far you are our guinea pig. Oh, you JUST posted this. Congratulations - I'm still loving my Janome 350E.

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sandralane by sandralane 25 Nov 2015

Thank you for such a quick response, my elna expressive is in for a clean and service, and as i have had no trouble with elna not sure if i should change brands.. So this would be a second machine, still uncertain should i go ahead or not and buy one. Sandra.