by brittanycooper 22 Nov 2015

Warning, I think. Got an email today telling me that I had won the daily drawing for what ever from PCH. All I had to do was reply to the letter and give them my name, email and residence address and phone number. DUH they had the name and email address. HOWEVER, I never registered with PCH so deleted the letter as quickly as possible without opening it. Be careful my friends.


by noah 30 Nov 2015

Thanks for the warning hugs

by marianb 23 Nov 2015

Who is PCH please, never heard of them..

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lbrow by lbrow 23 Nov 2015

Publishers Clearing House

by lindaavolio 22 Nov 2015

Thanks for the reminder...tis the season for scams

by osueo 22 Nov 2015

And I got an email supposedly from PayPal for a Halloween mask to be sent to someone in another state----and to make the transactions faster just enter my banking info in the link-----NOT----It was for a purchase of about $6.27----I spent about 2 hours with the bank and others I deal with----keep an eye on those SCAMS----like those mentioned above and in replies----too bad people don't work an honest job for an honest living----I have been waiting for MY SHIP TO COME IN for about 500 years---think it sank a long time ago!!!!! And PCH---I gave up on that about the same time---God bless Y'all!!!!!!

by sandralane 22 Nov 2015

Thanks for the warning, so many scams around. Sandra.

by lbrow 22 Nov 2015

We really have to beware. They called me and told me I had won and they were sending me some papers to read and sign via email. I hung up,son n law called pch and they told him it was a scam. I never opened any thing they emailed and they called again.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Nov 2015

Thanks for the heads up on this. Kudos to you for being careful and protecting yourself.

by airyfairy 22 Nov 2015

I often get mail saying that I have won a huge amount of money. They are all scams. If only.........

bevintex by bevintex 22 Nov 2015

me too. I win lotteries all the time from countries who don't even have lotteries.

graceandham by graceandham 22 Nov 2015

My boss used to say, Ah, I remember the first time I won the million dollars and all I had to do was pay the tax on it.