by chenille 19 Nov 2015

Attention all "cuties" ...Just a warning .. I have just received an e-mail "posing" to be from Paypal saying I had purchased something. I had not purchased this item and was ready to reply to the text when I became suspicious of the wording. I contacted Paypal and there was no such charge on my account. If you receive an e-mail asking you to verify that you have bought something DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING!!

Immediately get in touch with Paypal and forward them the e-mail. Unfortunately it is that time of year when we have to be more aware of scammers and such.
I just want to alert everyone.
Hugs, Nadyne


by lucypiwow 20 Nov 2015


by workbecky 20 Nov 2015

I have gotten 3 of those emails from Amazon in the past week. You do have to be careful.

by boogie1818 20 Nov 2015

Thanks for alerting us. Happy Holidays.

by gramsbear 20 Nov 2015

Thanx for the Heads Up!!!

by igelca 20 Nov 2015

Got one too and send it to Paypal as phishing.
I made it spam and the real Paypal is coming in my inbox.
Today found one in the spam, didnot open it.

by linwood 20 Nov 2015

thank you very much for the warning

by sdrise 20 Nov 2015

Thank You!!

by marysew11000 20 Nov 2015

Thank You for the informations

by cfidl 20 Nov 2015

I got a paypal note with the word costomer instead of customer. spam right away.

by brittanycooper 20 Nov 2015

Have gotten a couple of those. Never open anything that you are not sure of. Better to loose the mail than your HD. Thanks for reminding us.

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Nov 2015

If one has a email like this forward them to PayPal, I can't remember the address but they take such emails seriously. I have in the past and had v positive replies from them

by rmj8939 20 Nov 2015

I keep getting emails like that too. I have nothing to do with pay pal since someone was charging on my account.

by kezza2sew 20 Nov 2015

I have had about 3 of these now, and I was aware of them as fake...
So glad you have put this up here for all to see and be aware..

by dididwiar 20 Nov 2015

Thank you. I have seen these in the past also.

by hejren 20 Nov 2015

I got one too

Bibi in Denmark

by marianb 20 Nov 2015

Thanks Nadyne I have received a few over the past week, so they are out in force for sure. Marian

by zoefzoef 20 Nov 2015

Thanks for the info !

by castor 20 Nov 2015

warning well received thank you

by tilde01 19 Nov 2015

Ligetimate emails from PayPal will have your name, id: Dear Jane Doe. If it doesn't have your name, it is spam. Still don't click on any links, go to Paypal & sign up and check it out yourself.

by katydid 19 Nov 2015

Yes, you are correct, this time of the year all the hackers are out there!

by sandralane 19 Nov 2015

Thank you for the warning. Sandra.

by noah 19 Nov 2015

Thank-you i just got one today one yesterday from

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marianb by marianb 20 Nov 2015

So did I, I don't buy anything from them so I know it's a scam..