by tfk 15 Nov 2015

Hello ladies!

I know similar questions have been asked before but I specifically need to ask few details!
All users of embird and janome digitizer mbx are these 2 compared to each other?
1 doubt I have about janome software is about updates? Would they be free for life like for embird?
I am happy to see the janome digitizer with all the bells & whistles in one but is embird also capable of doing all that with the add on plugins?
Which one is much worth buying if the price to pay is almost the same?
Any pros & cons of the two?
I am sorry asking too many questions but the dealers around here just dont have the answers :(
1 last question is there any place one can find softwares others are selling?
Thank you!


by mops Moderator 16 Nov 2015

Embird updates are indeed free, upgrades come at a very reasonable price. I've been using it since 2007 and paid $20 since.
I upgraded my Husqvarna software regularly and had to fork out well over $2000 during that same periode and the latest update that came out in September is not even available in Europe yet. Problem is HV changes the interface and renames the tools each time which can be quite confusing. As a member of a 6D Yahoo group I have been getting at least 20 emails daily since August with questions for help about different aspects of that new upgrade.

I do use both Embird and 6D (and the older 5D as a useful feature of 5D is no longer available in the newer version). I love Embird and if I could have only one I think I would choose it.
Most things can be done in whatever software you use, although it might be more complicated in one than in the other. À few things are unique to a brand, like that ripple fill in the Bernina software which I'd love to use - but given the price I won't even think about buying that as well :)

Switching between different brands asks for a bit more concentration, like speaking more than one language at a party - the more fluent you are in all of them the easier it is.

I do not know your software or the Floriani, so I can't comment on those.

tfk by tfk 16 Nov 2015

Thank you so much Martine :)
I am so happy with all your opinions and guidance Cuties.....I am going right away to purchase my embird :)
(I think has the best price?!)
Wish me luck and I guess I might be asking many more questions in the future haha! :)
You are awesome Martine!

arichemiriam by arichemiriam 11 Dec 2015

Hi. If you are purchacing embird you will enjoy. The add ins studio and the font engine. They are beautuful.....

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by dragonflyer edited 15 Nov 2015

Well, my two cents...I love Janome MBX software, but the upgrades are pricey. Can't really compare to Embird as I only have the Basic Embird for editing and the Iconizer...which I love...I also have Palette 9 (Next) which I hate..wish I had never purchased it...I do really like Floriani TCU from what I have is closer to the Janome MBX software than any other I have seen as far as it's is very tempting to jump in and get it, because upgrades are free and it does not require a dongle...I know that the new Janome MBX 5 coming out now is wonderful...I have seen the new features and they are AWESOME...and it will no longer require a dongle...a plus for me since my dongle is never at the computer I am using...although I prefer the dongle to the Reader Box that the Palette 9 software must's like carrying around a brick...I think you can download a trial version of the Embird Studio digitizing software for a 30 day trial right from the Embird website...I have not done this yet, but I probably should before I upgrade my Janome MBX this for thought....keep us posted as to what you find out and decide...If I had to do it all over today, now, I would go with Floriani TCU...perhaps that is because it functions so similarly to the Janome that I a note...the cost for new Floriani TCU versus the upgrades for Janome...It would probably take me 15 to 20 years to break even...I think I just answered my own question...Also I have a wonderful webinar teacher that teaches both Janome and Floriani software classes...two each month...about two hours each...the cost is minimal and the classes, well, I think they are fabulous! He provides a download for each class and a DVD of each 6 class series if you want it... Educational support is a must if you want the most from your software...any software!!! If you are interested in checking out the webinar...PM me...I can get you in touch to get the link to watch one of them live if you would can take a look at at his website too....Sunset Stitches...

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15 Nov 2015

...forgot to ask...what are you using now??

tfk by tfk 15 Nov 2015

Thank you so much Kim :)
I knew I could rely on the very helpful Cuties here to give the best advice!
Well at present I am using masterworks, I like it very much but it seems a little limited now! I wish to do a lot more and with much easier tools!
I watched the youtube introductory video by Trevor Conquergood of sunset stitches for the janome mbx which is very impressive!
But it isnt worth to be paying for the upgrades every few years! Unfortunately I dont have any dealer or access to enquire about Floriani it possible to purchase this online?
Embird seems to be very popular among so many members here and that will be a great help to learn from others!
I have a strong feeling I should go ahead with this choice....wish me luck :)

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15 Nov 2015

Well, Masterworks is also sold in modules...lots of them and they are quite expensive here...Perhaps you should download the free trial of Embird Studio and take it for a test drive...if you have any questions about what or how things work, you will have 30 days to ask Cuties here how to do things...that's probably what I would do....and may do, too! And, Yes, you can purchase Floriani software online...lots of dealers sell it on line....

by baydreamer 15 Nov 2015

Ask your self what you want to due?
Cut, paste, resize and add lettering then Embird Basic is a great program,
very user friendly to use. It's all I use and love it.
Someone I know purchased a expensive program, with all the bells and whistles , she found the learning curve was way over her head, never uses it.
So decide what you want to due, you may just say yourself a lot of money.

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tfk by tfk 15 Nov 2015

Thank you baydreamer :)
Actually I am repeatedly asking myself as well others as these softwares dont come cheap!
Well I am already digitizing and wish to learn and try many other things so I wish to have all that is possible in a!
I am pretty impressed with the vast possibilities of these two!

by spendlove Moderator 15 Nov 2015

I wouldn't dare confuse myself by using two different sets of software. I chose Embird because it was not tied to a particular make of machine and because it was not necessary to buy it all at once. I do have it all now, and I use it all. However I think I have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

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tfk by tfk 15 Nov 2015

Thanks a lot Sue :)
Well I am ok with using more than 1 at a time as these are all pretty similar! Infact I feel embird has a little confusing interface or may be I am feeling this as I haven't really used it yet! I too hope to get the whole package eventually! I am very much leaning towards embird after hearing so many good things from you all!

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 15 Nov 2015

I have Brother PE design as I was not aware of other softwear at the time. If I were buying again I would very probably buy Embird. Why Embird you ask , well there are many here who have a excellent knowledge of the softwear and produce some great stuff. PLUS there is no card reader to go with it so if I have my laptop with my when away (I don't often take the card reader) I cant access my work. Upgrading PE design costs but Embird users don't have this costly problem. One of the Embird users will be along with their comments soon knowing Cute

tfk by tfk 15 Nov 2015

Thank you for responding and I totally agree with you!
I too am almost sure of getting embird as I know there are plenty of experts here to help me :)
The upgrades are free is a big plus point and I can understand your problem with the card reader as I myself wouldn't prefer any additional hardware to use my software!

asterixsew by asterixsew 15 Nov 2015

What are you using now?