by embquilt ( edited 13 Nov 2015 ) 13 Nov 2015

This is for my new nephew - Diesel! Or is it great nephew since he is my nephew's new kitty! My kids nicknamed my nephew Diesel and he said he wanted to name his kitty Diesel in honor and respect of his cousin.

Update on Diego for president shirt: he lost his bid for 3rd grade student council president.
He is coming to see me for thanksgiving and like a little kid I couldn't wait I had to mail it to him.

The other two are for my doggy, cinnamon and my grand-dog, Dobby.




by lidiad 13 Nov 2015

That's a cute Christmas stocking!
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 13 Nov 2015

Great job, and love the material choice. Sandra.

by peafarm 13 Nov 2015

I am not a kitty fan but oh do I love that fabric. You've made a nice looking stocking.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2015

What super fabric you have used for your stocking

by Smokey12 13 Nov 2015

They are really cute and I love the stocking fabric. Cats don't do well with scarves or hats. They don't mind laying on them, but they don't want to wear them. Nice job on these.

embquilt by embquilt 13 Nov 2015

Thank you. I haven't had a kitty of my own since I was seven. I tortured that poor cat. I dressed him in my doll clothes and pushed him in my baby doll strollers

Smokey12 by Smokey12 14 Nov 2015

How cute. Your first baby. I hope your mom got pics of that. LOL

by embquilt 13 Nov 2015

Diego has been begging for a pet and he calls my dog, Cinnamon his dog and my yard his park and lol my pool his pool etc. We live 5 hours away from him and his preschool teachers were always confuse as to how this could be. At 8 he explains it a bit better.

Thanks for the compliments. I will be looking for other things to make Diesel. I am currently making handkerchiefs/bandanas for my granddog - would it bother a cat to wear one?

by sonjapotgieter 13 Nov 2015

Look Gorgeous!!!!Well done

by highlandermom 13 Nov 2015

Super cute work on these.

by noah 13 Nov 2015

Love your work hugs

by pldc 13 Nov 2015

well done ~hugs~

by lbrow 13 Nov 2015

Great job!/Lillian

by connerj 13 Nov 2015

Great stocking - adorable material :)

by dragonflyer 13 Nov 2015

What a great stocking!

by 02kar Moderator 13 Nov 2015

Diesel is going to love his stocking. And the key fob is cute. I'm glad you caught your mistake. Kudos to you for protecting yourself.

by embquilt 13 Nov 2015

I just realized I put our phone number out to the world. How do I edit my post