by embquilt 05 Nov 2015

New WHINE worthy moment - one of the screws in my right foot that is supposed to be in vertically has now shifted and is horizontal. It has to be surgically removed. My infection site had looked almost healed after the ten day course of antibiotics but two days later it turned red and angry looking again. I'm now on antibiotics for another 20 days. I'm scared to look at the third incision site just in case lol

Thanks for listening,


by joansatx 13 Nov 2015

Praying for everything to "get right" for you!:)

by embquilt 13 Nov 2015

Started physical therapy this week and the therapist thinks my body is also reject my other screw. Yuck! He was able to stabilize both feet to lessen some of my pain.
Thanks for the prayers

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jrob by jrob 13 Nov 2015

Still have you on my prayer list, Lee. I'm glad you got some relief from pain.

by zoefzoef 12 Nov 2015

That's not so good news. i hope they can remove the screw easily and that you have a good recovery.

by noah 11 Nov 2015

Oh poor you i will pray hugs

by embquilt 06 Nov 2015

After three more days on the antibiotics, the infection site feels better. Thank you for all your prayers

by jrob Moderator 06 Nov 2015

This just has not been your lucky fix. I'm so sorry. Praying that this will be the end and you can heal and go on about your business.

by cfidl 06 Nov 2015

bummer. So sorry to hear this, prayers for your complete recovery.

by lbrow 05 Nov 2015

Lee,Bless your heart you are in my prayers/Lillian

by graceandham 05 Nov 2015

Aaaargh! I hope things will soon begin to turn around. You've had more than enough of bad. Remember to eat yogurt daily while on antibiotics to get the good stuff back in your gut!

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embquilt by embquilt 06 Nov 2015

Im severely lactose intolerant. I have to take daily probiotics for my ibs

by pennifold 05 Nov 2015

Dear Lee, I'm so sorry to read this news. I pray that your foot will soon be back to normal. Keep taking those AB's, love Chris

by heleninca 05 Nov 2015

This sounds so familiar. These things happen - no fault of ours or the surgeons. Prayers being sent your way that this time the antibiotics get those little devils and all heals easily for you.

by 02kar Moderator 05 Nov 2015

Please 'whine' away. You have every right to be upset. I'm so sorry another surgery is needed. It seems like you almost get to your feet and you are knocked down again. It sounds like we need to put you at the top of our Prayer Lists. Keep us informed and I hope this surgery goes well with NO infection or other issues.