by baydreamer 29 Oct 2015

Have you ever just wanted to throw out your machine. Well this morning on my Brother pr1000 the thread on needle 8 kept breaking about every 50 stitches, I would just take a deep breath and re-thread the needle. I am so happy it has a needle threader, I changed the needle, replaced the bobbin and even played with the tension. So after the 30th time I pull out the book, so far I have done almost everything. With the last 30 stitches of course the thread breaks again at last unto another color .

One of the reason the thread breaks is says is BAD THREAD or WEAK THREAD. Being the type of person I am I re-thread another colour in the same needle ( it has 10) just to see if this could be ture . Yes it was the reason for all the breakage, now I will label the thread and not use it in that machine.
This is only maybe 3 years old, kept in a box in a drawer, so my QUESTION is. Should thread have a expiration date on it?


by marianb 30 Oct 2015

I had a similar problem, my threads kept breaking but only in the second half of the spool the machine loved it when it was new not so much now.. going to try patricia109's idea see if that makes a difference.

by sandralane 29 Oct 2015

Sewing thread i have had for 20+years, embroidery thread i have had for 8+ and no problems only when i need to change the needle. However i change the needle after 5 to 6 hours of use, and hardly any problems. Sandra.

by Patricia109 29 Oct 2015

Some sewers that I know, think so.
And like some others have commented I have thread that is many years old and some new and it is usually the new stuff that causes problems. Maybe that thread didn't like that needle spot.?.?..
Try putting the thread in the fridge or freezer for a few days to see if that makes it behave better.
Cannot recall if it is the fridge or the freezer where you need to place the thread to revive it - can someone else check?!?)

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marianb by marianb 30 Oct 2015

haven't heard of this one.. will try it out.

by dragonflyer 29 Oct 2015

Well, not sure if it should, but different manufacturers have different quality raw materials that they make the threads with...and storage is also another factor....and humidity...and light...and on an on...Like Martine, I have some threads that I purchased in the '70s...and they are still wonderful...some I purchased less than five years ago..not so good...find a good manufacturer and stick with them...I had one spool of Red polyester from Metro that wouldn't run no matter what I had a 'stretch' to it...not sure why...I contacted them and they sent me a new like every other spool I have from them works great...just that one that had issues...go figure!

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baydreamer by baydreamer 29 Oct 2015

We are talking about the same manufacture, I have tons of thread from them and why this one? Maybe the raw material or in the dyeing process it was weaken.

by lbrow 29 Oct 2015

Don't know about expiration date. Like Martine I have some very old that sews fine. Some very new that doesn't. Usually if it is new and keeps breaking, I try using for bobbin thread doing FSL and usually have no problems with it there. Don't understand it but before I toss I will try to use even if for just reg sewing if I can. I hate to throw away something I paid so much for./Lillian

by graceandham 29 Oct 2015

Yes. I think the more saturated colors, especially navy, black, burgundy and red, expire faster.

by bevintex 29 Oct 2015

I had needles break on a design I was sewing a few days ago, finally figured out it was hitting a layer of batting hanging over the hoop. I was thinking I sure am glad I buy needles by the 100.

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baydreamer by baydreamer 29 Oct 2015

With embroidery we seem to go through a lot of needles.

by berny 29 Oct 2015

I had the same fault,went on utube they advised cleaning the machine spent the morning doing that,It's working great now,I had cleaned it about 2 weeks ago and not used it since....

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baydreamer by baydreamer 29 Oct 2015

I have to oil and i due try to keep the bobbin area clean.

by mops Moderator 29 Oct 2015

I dont know if it should.
I am still using rayon and polyester thread I bought 20 years ago and cotton embroidery thread that I bought in the 60s. On the other hand I have fairly new rayon that breaks every few stitches and is put in the reject bin - different brand than my usual.