by lhart 28 Oct 2015

I made 2 pillows using what I had at home and made it work. The 4 designs are from Embroidery Library. The first picture is more a fall theme and the 2nd picture is winter (just flip the cushions over) I have learned that I need to be very careful centering and use the printout for placement and check, check and recheck. Even though one is not centered I still like it and have learned from it.


by aussiequilter 03 Nov 2015

what beautiful pillows ,well done

by stella1 03 Nov 2015

Very nice and so beautiful cushions

by Leaha 01 Nov 2015

These are lovely, if you hadn't told me I would have thought you did this just to provide interest and it does. Great job.

by grobin 01 Nov 2015

Beautifully done.

by lidiad 29 Oct 2015

Love both cushions, you have chosen gorgeous designs!
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 29 Oct 2015

Great designs, all beautifully embroidered. Well done, thanks for sharing. Sandra.

by babash 28 Oct 2015

Oh my they look so nice. I like the fabrics you have used look nice an soft and comfy. Well done.

by chenille 28 Oct 2015

Love these!! Excellent work!
Hugs, Nadyne

by pennifold 28 Oct 2015

These are all gorgeous and so much detail. Well done, love Chris

by peafarm 28 Oct 2015

Forgot to say--Even the seasoned embroiderer sometimes get it wrong on centering--I know--I am one of those--I even get puckers from time to time and wonder what the heck I've done to it!

by peafarm 28 Oct 2015

These pillows are spectacular! Very pretty on the upholstery fabrics.

by baydreamer 28 Oct 2015

They look great!

by lbrow 28 Oct 2015

They are looking very grand/Lillian

by teun 28 Oct 2015

sehn toll aus

by tlp22 28 Oct 2015


by sonjapotgieter 28 Oct 2015

Great work and designs!!!!Gorgeous

by graceandham 28 Oct 2015

Awesome designs and stitching. Enjoy!

by pennyhal2 28 Oct 2015

Fabulous! What a wonderful stitchout on these pillows. I always have trouble getting the right color for the threads. What brand threads did you use?

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lhart by lhart 29 Oct 2015

I have used the threads I have bought from Metro and from Gammut Threads. I tried to match as close as I could to what was suggested on the pattern. Sometimes you have to change to colour depending on the fabric colour.

by marfa 28 Oct 2015

lovely pillows, nicely done!

by carolpountney 28 Oct 2015

Lovely designs, its where it was meant to be heehee

by jrob Moderator 28 Oct 2015

Beautiful job and it's o.k. he is just highter up in the tree. :)

by connerj 28 Oct 2015

Great job embroidering the colors go so nicely with your pillow materials. Double duty is always nice and no extra pillow to store - hugs :)

by noah 28 Oct 2015

very awesome great sew out hugs

by pldc 28 Oct 2015

very pretty & love that they are reversible!~hugs~

by sjbrower 28 Oct 2015

How pretty! This is a wonderful color combo, and a great idea to get two different designer looks in the way that you have sewn these. Thank you for letting us see your project. You've inspired me!