by teddybear117 27 Oct 2015

My daughter went in for surgery this morning. She wouldn't let anyone know when it was going to be .. afraid of being jinxed, I guess. She had neck surgery this time. I just hope she gets the help she needs while healing..she threatened her husband with me going to what I understand she was terrified to the point of being a monster. After all she has been through she went on a screaming fit. My heart goes out to her. She has had to much go wrong in the past couple years since the car accident she just can't stand anymore. The pain she has gone through, the many trips to so many doctors and her family doesn't listen when she says 'I need help around the house' - well, hopefully the scary part is over and with God's help maybe the answer to some of the pain. She called me from the recovery room..she wouldn't let her husband take her cell phone..she sounded pretty good. But I am hoping it wasn't just her being in la la land from the surgery.


by teddybear117 29 Oct 2015

15-10-29 I left another message yesterday after my daughter got home from the hospital. She was doing well and looked great. All she complained about was a sore throat. No pain of last night but 'get this' she was out and about yesterday. She went to the mall and tried to even visit a friend but her friend wasn't at home. I hope she took it easy some. I can only imagine how good it must feel 'not to hurt' like she did before. As silly as it sounds she is braver then me.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 30 Oct 2015

Such great news. The sore throat is probably a left over from the operation. With all those tubes no wonder the throat is sore afterwards.

by grossfamilie 29 Oct 2015

Wishing her and you as caring loving mom the very best. It is so sad the phases she and family are going through. Praying that the odysee to the doctors and pain might be over for your daughter and the worries for you. Take good care! Maria

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 29 Oct 2015

Thank you

by cfidl 29 Oct 2015

I think my post is gone or I was just thinking and not typing. I pray all her issues are resolved and she feels wonderful. God bless the watchful Mother.

by pennifold 29 Oct 2015

Well, I now hope that her family will help her. She is going to need lots of help and I pray that recovery is expedient. Prayers for all concerned and you too. Love Chris

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 29 Oct 2015

Thank you

by airyfairy 29 Oct 2015

I hope you daughter is recovering well. I think that she was probably scared stiff after what she has been through. You are in my thoughts.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 29 Oct 2015

You have no idea. She had to postpone her shoulder surgery 16 months (no help when she got home for ANYONE to care for the baby) Then she went to about 6 more drs because the surgery didn't help with the pain. All but one dr, a sports specialist in Billings Mt 225 miles away could do extensive testing to see what might be the problem. She made that 7 hr trip 2x a month down winding roads tensing up all the way. At least her husband drove her. There they did things I would have run from ... shots in her neck, shots in he shoulder etc. All she wanted was to be able to enjoy her kids and maintain a household. Sorry I get emotional...I left another message yesterday after she got home from the surgery. She was doing well. I just hope she wasn't over-doing it. She said no pain meds since the night before. Sure beats the strong opiates that weren't doing anything for the pain. Thank you for your kind words.

by arisann 28 Oct 2015

Praying God to heal and be with her in all ways. Also her family.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 28 Oct 2015

Thank You for your kind words.

by zoefzoef 28 Oct 2015

I pray that her recovery goes well and that her bad/said times are over.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 28 Oct 2015

Thank you and so good.

by lbrow 28 Oct 2015

My prayers are with all of you. I pray this will give her the relief she needs/Lillian

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 28 Oct 2015

Thank you for your kind words

by juanitadenney 28 Oct 2015

So sorry to hear about your daughter but hope everything goes well with recovery and she can get relief from the pain. It is terrible that she gets no help around the house as I also had that happen to me after brain surgery. My husband said let it go you can do it when you feel better! Sending prayers her way. Juanita

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pennifold by pennifold 29 Oct 2015

Sounds just like a man! Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 28 Oct 2015

I will add my prayers for your daughter and the family too.Pain is so debilitating and being in pain for years on end robs you of quality of life. I hope she is getting both release from pain, lots of help and rest. Please keep is informed on her progress.

by sdrise 28 Oct 2015

Prayers are with you all!!! Lets hope she feels better soon and this surgery helps.

by dragonflyer 28 Oct 2015

So glad she is out of surgery...prayers for a full and speedy recovery...

by graceandham 27 Oct 2015

Prayers for a good result and "smoother sailing" in the future. And for her family to listen better.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 27 Oct 2015

Thank you. When I called the house her 17 yo son was feeding the baby. But, her 6 yo was being difficult...but she was also throwing up this morning. I'd be difficult too. That's no fun. Let's hope they realize she will need the help for several weeks. (I'm guessing)

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Oct 2015

Now prayers for a speedy recovery and good result at the end are being said. It must be awful to be in pain all the time. Lets hope this operation does the trick.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 27 Oct 2015

Thank you. Let's hope this does do the trick. I took a fall a week and a half ago and hurt my knee and lower back and have been flat on my back most of that time because that is the only way I didn't hurt. My housemate said I screamed like a banshee when my knee would spasm. I can't imagine YEARS of that kind of pain.

by jeanfoz 27 Oct 2015

Hope her recovery is a quick one, Jean xx

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 27 Oct 2015

Thank you for your kind words.