by sjbrower ( edited 10 Jan 2016 ) 27 Oct 2015

Made this tee shirt for my g-nephew, Kai.

Kai is 4 years old, and has a rare genetic disorder called GSD-4. He was diagnosed and had a liver transplant just over 3 years ago. This past year he has had a couple of lengthy hospitalizations (once for major rejection, once for a viral infection), and our family is blessed each day with this child. So you can see that this design is special to me.

Picture is not so hot... it's a black shirt with brown/tan raggy applique, and orange/brown/green stitches. Design from Embrotique.


by sonjapotgieter 28 Oct 2015


by sjbrower 28 Oct 2015

I wanted to thank all of you for your words about Kai. I will let his mum and dad know that he now has another group of angels. Thanks, Sharon

by airyfairy 28 Oct 2015

Wonderful gift for a very special little boy.

by connerj 28 Oct 2015

Great work and great saying - Hugs :)

by lidiad 28 Oct 2015

You have done a terrific work, Sharon. Thanks for sharing Kai's story.
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 28 Oct 2015

You have done terrific job on this T shirt, Kai will love to wear this proudly. Hope he continues to do well. Sandra.

by pldc 27 Oct 2015

ah this is a perfect tee Sharon, well done & ~extra hugs~

by evilsoft 27 Oct 2015

Please let me add a hug for him and you. IT is a marvelous statement.

by robertahilde 27 Oct 2015

Compliment for your lovely labor of love, best wishes to you and your family and a special hug for Kay.

by Lynnae 27 Oct 2015

that is so adorable.. great job an love the color blend too.

by highlandermom 27 Oct 2015

I agree with the writing on the shirt. This is a blessing to read he is being watched over. Give him hug from us all here at Cute.

by tlp22 27 Oct 2015

Amen . What a wonderful shirt for this little tuff guy.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Oct 2015

A great reminder to him, that he is loved and that he is a gift. You did well putting that message on his shirt. I came out very nice.

by noah 27 Oct 2015

Love it and i am thank-ful for your cool design hugs

by mysew1325 27 Oct 2015

He is a very special child.. and is loved by all .. he will love it..

by lbrow 27 Oct 2015

How sweet it is just to feel the love that he is surrounded by.l love this shirt it speaks volumns/Lillian

by cj2sew 27 Oct 2015

What a great shirt for such a special g-nephew. He and everyone will love it.

by hightechgrammy 27 Oct 2015

As a mom of another Special Cute Kid, I too, am very thankful for your Kai <3. I totally understand the extra commitment families feel toward the kids who need more than our typical angels. :-) God Bless Kai and all who love him.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Oct 2015

I love this project even more thanks to the story behind it. Kai is now one of our special Cute Kids. Please let us know anytime he needs prayer

by pennifold 27 Oct 2015

It is wonderful and I hope that Kai continues to cause thanks! Love Chris