by mechille 26 Oct 2015

Ok, this happened to me the last time I posted a project. Every time I post a project... it puts it there 2 times..... someone deleted the extra for me last time... but I don't know how to delete it or why it is happening. Sorry for the double post. Mechille :)


by rescuer Moderator 26 Oct 2015

We have taken care of it. If it happens again you can just edit one (or more) of the posts and type "duplicate" that way we know which one to remove.

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mechille by mechille 26 Oct 2015

OH... ok thanks.... still feel like I'm new to the posting stuff.
Thanks again. Mechille :)

by jrob Moderator 26 Oct 2015

A moderator will have to delete the duplicate. It happens sometimes. I've got your back. :)

jrob by jrob 26 Oct 2015

oops, someone beat me there.

mechille by mechille 26 Oct 2015

Thanks a lot.... I just can't figure out why it happens....
Thanks. Mechille :)

rescuer by rescuer 26 Oct 2015

It can be caused by a faulty mouse or slow internet or website updates or someone trying to access the DBC while it is in maintenance... there are many possible reasons.
Nothing to worry too much about. It happens to most of us.