by embquilt 25 Oct 2015

Seeking more advice. I want to do completely ITH towel toppers for thanksgiving and also for Christmas.

I love the look of the smart needle ones BUT I don't have hooks in my kitchen to hang a towel from.

I am searching for a way that they release somehow as I can see my husband and children ripping them off the stove handle and thereby ruining the holidays cuz I will go ballistic.

So guide me please oh wise ones!

TIA, hugs,


by embquilt 28 Oct 2015

My hubby listened to me going on and on about not being happy with various styles and I think to get me to shut up on the topic lol purchased Anita goodesign set that has the towel toppers on it.

by baydreamer 26 Oct 2015

As you can see I have made a tab. I just measured what I needed to go around the handle of my stove. This on has a button hole but I have also use snaps. I very easy way if this is just too much work is to simple put the towel over the stove handle and tie it with a ribbon. K.I.S.S.(keep it simple sweetie) is usually the best!

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embquilt by embquilt 28 Oct 2015

Love both of yours. The one with the ribbon is the ribbon what is holding it up?

by marianb 26 Oct 2015

try Google for towel topper ides, or designs by sick and creative kiwi have some nice ones. I make some with press stud tape to attach the pieces together that way you only have to change to towel portion when needed. Hope our suggestions help a little. Marian

by sandralane 25 Oct 2015

I have made lots of them with a button and ribbon or crochet loop at the back. Works well or tie a ribbon through the hole at the top also okay. Good luck. Sandra.

by lbrow 25 Oct 2015

I use the command hooks for everything, inside and outside. They are great for hanging wreaths outside/Lillian

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 25 Oct 2015

Good advice, Lillian...I think I missed the boat on this question...glad you got it...

by bevintex 25 Oct 2015

Get some hooks, Command hooks by 3M ,you can hang them anywhere and they are removeable if you should change your mind. Problem solved

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 25 Oct 2015

that is what I do. They are so handy.

by dragonflyer 25 Oct 2015

Well, I have not done any yet...but thinking Velcro or Kam Snaps...

by spendlove Moderator 25 Oct 2015

I've made them using Velcro which works quite well, but isn't very long lasting.

by noah 25 Oct 2015

my bunny ears as people call them tie onto the refrigerator can't ripe them off ???

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26 Oct 2015

Now that's true. They allow one to open the refrigerator or oven just by grabbing the towel. Ask me how I know.

embquilt by embquilt 28 Oct 2015

Rofl I can see mine doing this