by embquilt 20 Oct 2015

I am posting to whine...

Almost 5 weeks ago I had surgery on both my feet. Mi broke the same big toe twice in one year in different spots mind you. Of course,met never healed right. Since I needed surgery I figured I might as well fix a couple of bunions. I've had lots of surgical procedures and this came neck and neck at first with my appendix but oh my - I developed an infection that has had me in agony. Almost two weeks ago, I complained to my doctor about increased pain and he blamed it on my fibromyalgia and just said it takes much longer to heal when you have both feet operated on. Well, it was the beginning of the infection!!

I called last week twice - the second time insisting I be seen on this past Monday. Yup got a nice big ole raging infection!! At least now I know why I've been in agony! The only thing sometimes saving me was spending some time in my sewing room embroidering - with my feet UP! Well now my new machine has gone to the hospital! Lol I am so ready to give up!!

I figured I could whine here. Thanks for listening,


by heleninca 21 Oct 2015

Whine away all you want. We have all probably been there and know a good whine helps the body mend.

by embquilt 21 Oct 2015

Thank you all. It has helped. I just done have the energy to respond as I posed earlier that I got an allergic reaction to my antibiotics
Hugs and love,

by basketkase 21 Oct 2015

Hi sorry to hear of all your medical issues......I am so glad that you were insistant on being seen.......I think the medical care in this country is suffering due to so many insurance perameters....I feel sorry for people who are too sick to be their own advocate and demand better healthcare........I hope you heal quickly now that you have a diagnosis.....

by gerryvb 21 Oct 2015

I'm sorry for you, hope you and your machine both feel better soon. And whenever you feel like it, just whine here, there are always cuties to give you a hug , here's mine ))))

by dragonflyer 21 Oct 2015

Sorry to hear this...hope you feel better soon!

by maleah 21 Oct 2015

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I too had double bunion surgery. Then, I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. I was in a cast for 10 weeks with screws and rods... All in all, no pain now. Just can not wear high heels anymore. Poor sewing machine. I hope you get it back soon. I know that can be a life saver for you. Good luck.

by marianb 21 Oct 2015

Hope you feel better soon, glad you stood up to the doctor and insisted on a appointment. Any time you need to vent we are here to listen. Marian

by pennifold 21 Oct 2015

Ooh! Lee, I empathise with you! I had an Achilles tendon reattachment and it made for some very hard work to get my feet back to walking properly. It's been 8 years now and I'm as good as new. I pray that you will heal 100%, and am so glad you got it all sorted out. Whine all you like, it's good to share our ups and downs. Love Chris

by airyfairy 21 Oct 2015

Pain in the feet is not nice. I recently dropped a large book on my foot.. It still hurts and I still have bruising. Hope you will be feeling better soon

by greysewist Moderator 20 Oct 2015

I'm so glad that you stood up for yourself and insisted upon an appointment to be checked, Lee. We do know ourselves when something is not quite right. I hope you start to recover a lot more quickly now and are soon able to get back to what you like to do, rather than what you're limited to at the moment :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Oct 2015

I am so sorry you feel bad. You have plenty of reasons to whine. Now I hope that you feel better pretty soon and the feet will heal fast. Hope your machine will be back from the doctor soon as well.

by jrob Moderator 20 Oct 2015

I'm so sorry. That sounds dreadful.
It's good that you were persistent and now have something to fight that infection with. I'll pray that you heal quickly if you'll promise to take care of yourself. 😏

by sdrise 20 Oct 2015

I can sympathize with you... I had foot surgery a few years ago on to toes. Did not heal right.. Still in pain when I walk. considering another surgery but...... I hope you feel better soon!

by pacmp 20 Oct 2015

Sounds like you deserve to whine a bit! I understand and so empathize. Be sure to add yogurt to your diet as the antibiotics wipe out the good and bad bacteria in your colon and you will be whining a great deal if you end up with yeast infection in your mouth called thrush or unrelenting diarrhea due to no good bacteria. Neither would not be any fun. Graceandham has the best advice to spend time organizing and backing up your files and of course posting here and catching up with the projects fellow cuties have been working on. Continue to listen to your body and try not to over do things. Setbacks are no fun. Hugs, Pam

by graceandham 20 Oct 2015

My knee is all sympathy. I had knee surgery 7 weeks ago and apparently my progress is slower than most. I'm so tired of it all. It gets a bit better for a few days, then comes the setback or the increased pain with change in air pressure! Now, see, you've helped me whine, too! The good news is - you were very in tune with your body! You, not the doctor. This, too shall pass and we shall be happily and recuperatively stitching before long. I've only tackled the 18 stairsteps to the machine once and that was WAY too early, so more swelling and sitting under ice in the chair downstairs. My good news is, my downloads are organized and for the most part opened and extra stuff discarded. It's never been this nice - oh, and backed up! Best wishes for a complete recovery, whenever that may be!

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embquilt by embquilt 20 Oct 2015

I was lucky that I couldn't sleep the morning of surgery and made myself many rice bags that I used to freeze at first and now I use to heat. They don't last long so no chance of frost bite.

Lol about your designs. I figured I'd be saving money with not being able to shop NOPE spent a ton on designs.