by embquilt 19 Oct 2015

Two shirts for my 8 year old nephew. The first, the machine went wonky while my son was babysitting it - I don't know what happened to the word for. The E in Diego also went wonky - I was able to touch it up by going over it, partially. For some reason even though it was still hooped and all I did was go backwards, it didn't start the E in the same spot so I just restitched the straight part of it.

I didn't fix the Vote for Diego as it was my 2nd shirt. My machine ate the 1st one. I figured it will probably be worn once or twice and duh it is just for a 3rd grade student council position!

Thanks for looking,


by jrob Moderator 20 Oct 2015

I bet Diego got lots of votes with his walking advertisement. :)

by embquilt 20 Oct 2015

My machine had to go to the doctor today. It kept shutting itself off in the middle of embroidery and acting wonky during embroidery. I was lucky to have completed these yesterday. I've only owned it for 6 weeks 😥 Lee

by sjbrower 20 Oct 2015

I'm sure that Diego is happy with his shirts.... good job Auntie!

by arlene 20 Oct 2015

Great job. They look great.

by tlp22 19 Oct 2015

Good job! That is hard to deal with when you are trying so hard to do something extra special. But, you did a good save.

by pennifold 19 Oct 2015

Great save and he will love them. Love Chris

by sandralane 19 Oct 2015

Good save, i think it looks great. Sandra.

by highlandermom 19 Oct 2015

You did great job on both.

by noah 19 Oct 2015

They will love them i do hugs