by embquilt 18 Oct 2015


I need help responding to a private message. When I put the persons user name in the to field it says it is not a recognized name. What name do I use? Is there a reply function?


by embquilt 18 Oct 2015

Thank you, it took several cuties help for me to see the reply button. đŸ™ˆHiding head

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rescuer by rescuer 18 Oct 2015

None of us are perfect and all of us had our first few days on Cute...keep trying and keep asking for help when you need it. Glad you got it sorted.
Anytime there is a number by your Inbox -- you've got mail.

by rescuer Moderator 18 Oct 2015

You replied correctly once. Just open the original PM and click "Reply" type your message there. There is no need to create a new PM -- it is just like this forum. In fact, creating a new PM will muddle things.

If you want to create a new PM there are instructions on how to do that located in the Q&A tab (in orange) -- just look for the post on How To send a PM

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Oct 2015

Hi, in your Inbox you can add a comment under reply or under the comment of whatever has been sent to you. I am going to send you a PM and hopefully you will see where to reply. I am able to use my Inbox on my laptop and phone so I am pretty sure you should be able to as well

by embquilt 18 Oct 2015

Maybe because I'm on my iPad I'm missing something. I don't see the reply button.

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rescuer by rescuer 18 Oct 2015

You did just fine
Just go back and open the PM and select "Reply" then type your message.

by sandralane 18 Oct 2015

See you have your answer, good luck. Sandra.

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by gerryvb edited 18 Oct 2015

There is a reply button, at the end of the private message you see a button : reply.
Just click on it and you can start typing. The receiver will see it because he/she get a (1) behind the inbox title in the upper toolbox.
But spelling the name correct is a must. Good luck and just give it another try !

by spendlove Moderator 18 Oct 2015

You have probably misspelt the name or used a capital letter to begin - if I sent one to Embquilt it would not be recognised. embquilt works perfectly!