by dietcoke 18 Oct 2015

ITH Purse - ok now these are getting to be a addiction.

Made it a little bit longer (because my hoop would let me.) So boys will be getting these as pencil cases.


by sjbrower 18 Oct 2015

Nice work.... Love the navy camo!

by highlandermom 18 Oct 2015

Nice job

by decojo 18 Oct 2015

Looks terrific!

by 02kar Moderator 18 Oct 2015

Made with love. They will be well used.

by dragonflyer 18 Oct 2015

Nicely done!

by sandralane 18 Oct 2015

Good job, well done. Nice material, thanks for sharing. Sandra.

by bemara 18 Oct 2015

good job with great fabric :-)

by sbott54 18 Oct 2015

Great job putting the zipper on the left. I have a lot of family members who are left-handed and now I know I can do it this way.

dietcoke by dietcoke 18 Oct 2015

Glad my mistake has worked out ok. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

spendlove by spendlove 18 Oct 2015

With this design it doesn't matter which way you insert the zip. With most designs though, it would be disastrous!

by spendlove Moderator 18 Oct 2015

Excellent - please remember the dangers of resizing designs which use a zip though. It is fine if you have the software to change just the length, but if you resize the whole design the zip placement will not work. (In many ITH zip designs it could be downright dangerous!)

dietcoke by dietcoke 18 Oct 2015

Thanks Sue - Very important information.

sbott54 by sbott54 18 Oct 2015

Thanks for mentioning this Sue. I was starting to wonder about doing this. Lol

by pennifold 18 Oct 2015

And they will love it - what a great camouflage fabric too. Love Chris

dietcoke by dietcoke 18 Oct 2015

I realised I put the zip in right to left opening. Not to worry - one of my Grandsons is left handed. haha

sjbrower by sjbrower 18 Oct 2015

And you meant that! (say that with confidence and he will be pleased!)