by embquilt 17 Oct 2015

Tea towels I embroidered on for Christmas. Designs from urban thread and juju. Towels from Amazon about $15 for 12 large tea towels. I used polymesh on the bottom and wss on top.


by peafarm 23 Oct 2015

Very nice--I like descriptions on how the embroidery was executed and where the product was purchased.

by lbrow 23 Oct 2015

Oh wow! Beautiful work. What jolly nice gifts they will make/Lillian

by embquilt 19 Oct 2015

Thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments. I just double checked my orders from Amazon - they were a dozen for $12.99. I will probably order more to give to neighbors as well.


by brendalea 18 Oct 2015

Very nice Tea Towels. Thank you for sharing.

by sjbrower 18 Oct 2015

Wow you have been busy! These are awesome (and thanks for sharing the tip about getting tea towels from Amazon... never would have thought to look there!) Love the designs that you have chosen.

by decojo 18 Oct 2015

Wonderful gifts and beautifully done! Joyce

by bemara 18 Oct 2015

Well done! you were very diligent, they have become great everybody :-)) Hugs Maria

by justsew 18 Oct 2015

love the red work chef, these will be a big hit
Hugs Pam

by pennifold 18 Oct 2015

These look wonderful, well done and such great gifts for Christmas, Love Chris

by mhiemstra 17 Oct 2015

How do I get in your Christmas list? Haha. Just kidding. These look great. Thanks for sharing.

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embquilt by embquilt 18 Oct 2015

We have so many in the family that I wouldn't notice the addition lol come on over

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Oct 2015

Love the designs you chose. Very cute even upside down :-) Great stitching too.

by tlp22 17 Oct 2015

Very nice!

by dragonflyer 17 Oct 2015

They look great!

by highlandermom 17 Oct 2015

Terrific job on all these.

by cfidl 17 Oct 2015

Excellent! They look great!

by NancyBT10 17 Oct 2015

My! You have been very busy and everything looks great!

by sandralane 17 Oct 2015

Lovely christmas gifts, well embroidered. Thanks for sharing. Sandra.

by jeanfoz 17 Oct 2015

Very nice, Jean xx

by Wendyy 17 Oct 2015

I agree. These are excellent. Great choices for gifts.

by noah 17 Oct 2015

excellent work and price for your towels hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Oct 2015

Lovely work. I too have the UT designs and sewed them on tea towels too. Looks like you have been very busy stocking up on work. Thanks as you have reminded me to buy a pile of tea towels to embroider onto. I am in the UK but will now go off and check out Amazon as its not a source I would have thought of