by Marie6 16 Oct 2015

Hello. Can you provide me good sites where there Lacedesign ?

Thank you


by jobaby 18 Oct 2015

Sonia Showalter Designs has well digitized designs.

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jobaby by jobaby 18 Oct 2015

And so does Lindee Goodall. Her angels are a delight to stitch and hang. I have been using them for Christmas cards for several yeasr which means stitching about 50 each year and never a problem..

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Oct 2015

If you follow the link below you will see where the great design comes from. There are many other super ones on her site

by Marie6 17 Oct 2015

I would like to thank you for the great links . Thank you

by jofrog2000 16 Oct 2015

Lots of lace here, great digitizing, embroiders out beautifully.

by graceandham 16 Oct 2015, but read her copyright rules! (Shoot! Read everybody's.)

by lucy12345 16 Oct 2015

Great, thanks

by pacmp 16 Oct 2015

SueBoxCreations and From the Needle of Anne are two of my all time favorites for any design and their lace designs are wonderful. I have also enjoyed lace designs from SadiaSews,, SkeldaleHouse and 3D designs from both Skeldale House and Embroidery On Line. You will find many samples from these sites so you can try out their designs. liane-stitch has over 500 samples both of plain embroidery and for her free standing lace. You should be able to find plenty of designs to try out for you to then feel secure in any purchase you may wish to make from one of the various sites. Have fun trying out some of the samples. Most of all Welcome to the Cute Forums and hope you will take a look around and enjoy your time here. Pam

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by bevintex edited 16 Oct 2015

google free standing lace for sites

by dragonflyer 16 Oct 2015

Hi Marie...See you have got some great sites for lace..but wanted to Welcome you to Cute...

by gerryvb 16 Oct 2015

perhaps here:

by pennyhal2 16 Oct 2015

A couple of my favorites

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