by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

I`d like to thank the cuties that made me feel better last week when I was sad about my machine playing up again only 2mths after its service, I took it to the mechanic yesterday (5hr round trip) and he told me to go for a wonder and he would fix it for me, well 2hrs later I am on my way back home, a very happy person as he was able to fix it. Apparently there were 2 cables that were causing static in the computer board and the Husqvarna factory told him they were aware of the problem and are onto it, and told him how to fix it. hopefully no more problems...... Thanks to Maarteen at THORPE & Co in Hunter Street Newcastle, (Australia) for being so kind and working on my machine straight away when normally there would have been a 4-5 week wait. Your great HUGS TO ALL . Trish


by cfidl 09 Oct 2015

Yeah! I am sure you are so much happier today. Happy Stitchin!

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Trish56 by Trish56 09 Oct 2015

OH, Very happy, my machine is buzzing like a bee ! thanks for stopping by . Trish

by lbrow 08 Oct 2015

Wunnerful,wunnerful as the late Lawrence Well would say. So glad you are going home happy with your machine/Lillian

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Thankyou Lillian, I am very happy, I can now finish the quilts I am making for family for Christmas, would not have them finished if I had to leave the machine for 4-5 weeks. So happy Maarteen was so helpful to me. Hugs to you, and a special happy dance :) Trish

by shirley124 08 Oct 2015

Lucky you to be able to get it fixed so fast. I just wish mine could be done that quick. Hugs

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Its horrible when you have to wait a long time for the machine, hope you get yours back soon, hugs coming your way, Trish

by 02kar Moderator 08 Oct 2015

Yipppeee!!!! I love happy endings. A big big big hug back to you. Happy stitching.

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Thanks, I am soo happy,

by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2015

Such good news...and so happy you have now found Maarten...

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Yes thanks, you don't find that sort of service often, he is great

by pennifold 08 Oct 2015

I'm so happy Trish that Maarten looked after you. It pays to spread the word about his great service. I've been using him for many, many, many years and wouldn't trust anyone else with my machines. He said he could even do my other machine, only he can't get parts in case something broke. I told him that was alright I'd take it back to Zig-Zag machines where I bought it when it needs servicing. Love Chris

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Thanks Chris, I carnt sing his praises enough, I was so upset when it started playing up, my husband pain so much for the machine and it was broke in a short period of time, but thanks to Cuties and Maarten I am happy dancing around my house,

by sdrise 08 Oct 2015

Glad you are up and running gain with no problems...

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Thanks for stopping by, I am so happy, all working, humming beautifully,

by sandralane 08 Oct 2015

So happy for you that it was sorted so quickly. Great service, you will use them if you have further problems. Trust ALL will now run smoothly. Sandra.

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Trish56 by Trish56 08 Oct 2015

Thank you for your comments, yes I will use them all the time, and tell everyone about them, I just wish I had known about him when I was looking for my machine, I will get my future machines from him, My daughter is going to go to him to get a machine for her daughter, I know he will help her. Trish