by tinfriend 08 Oct 2015

Re: Amazing Emb -Pretty Small Flowers Font Letter Y : Is anybody else that has a membership having problems downloading this letter? Tried the EXP / PES / JPG but NO LUCK! ONLY - ONLY ART Format Downloads!


by brittanycooper 09 Oct 2015

I had no problem.

by tinfriend 09 Oct 2015

Thank you to all that responded! I appreciate it! Hugs, Flowers for everyone!

by rescuer Moderator 08 Oct 2015

I'm not home so I cannot check ...but I received notice that this issue has been fixed.

rescuer by rescuer 08 Oct 2015

I checked and it has been fixed.

marianb by marianb 09 Oct 2015

thank you

by dragonflyer 08 Oct 2015

I sent a PM to Miss V (test) two days ago...I have not heard back yet...

by marianb 08 Oct 2015

Yes have the same problem also had it on Adorable Applique but that one now fixed. Have you sent a pm to Miss Veronica aka test she might not be aware of this problem. Marian