by embquilt 27 Sep 2015

Burp cloths from zippy designs

My burp Cloth story: I've been embroidering since 2001 but my pfaff 7570 became tired and only wanted to embroider when she felt like it. On Black Friday 2014, my husband had pity on me and got me a singer sewing/embroidery machine which produced the smaller baby girl burp cloth. After lots of whining I got the go ahead to get a new to me Viking with much bigger hoop capability. Lol so my husband says that little burp cloth cost him thousands!


by justsew 30 Sep 2015

O well worth every penny, great job.
Hugs pam

by embquilt 30 Sep 2015

Thank you all for the kind comments and warm welcome!

by robinbird 29 Sep 2015

Such adorable burp cloths you've done& these fabrics are sweet too. I hope you'll enjoy making more items with your machine too. Thanks for sharing your work. :~D

by sjbrower 28 Sep 2015

Cute burp cloths! I love your story!

by connerj 28 Sep 2015

Your material is adorable - great burp cloths :)

by highlandermom 27 Sep 2015

Grand looking

by tlp22 27 Sep 2015

Oh I want to get larger hoops too. Well done.

by PIGNADA 27 Sep 2015

Great work with your new machine. I love your hamony of colors. Thank you for sharing work and link. Amitiés de France.

by decojo 27 Sep 2015

Congrats on your new machine. Really cute burp cloths. Joyce

by pennifold 27 Sep 2015

Another great lot of goodies - I feel for you with your feet operations. It's so uncomfortable not being able to walk properly. I hope you recover really quickly, love and blessings Chris.

by embquilt 27 Sep 2015

Thanks for the welcome. I just had both feet operated on so I am out of commission. I had to have presents for a baby shower and for new twin great nephews birth before hand. I was proud of myself because I got a lot done

by yoder2011 27 Sep 2015

where can I get the design for the burp cloth

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embquilt by embquilt 27 Sep 2015

They are from

Love them. They are easy to follow along

by lbrow 27 Sep 2015

These are all delightful and well done/Lillian

by pldc 27 Sep 2015

welcome to our cute family! We are very happy to have you here with us. There is quite a difference in the size of your burpies! Having the bigger hoop capacity makes a happy wife & you know what they say a happy wife is a happy life for hubby too....... Terrific job on them all ~hugs Loralye~

by Smokey12 27 Sep 2015

These look great, Love your color choices.

by celine 27 Sep 2015

C'est très beau félicitations.

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pldc by pldc 27 Sep 2015

Celine welcome to our cute family! We are very happy to have you here with us. ~hugs Loralye~

by laffma1 27 Sep 2015

They are all wonderful burpcloths. Just tell your DH - the more items you produce, the less expensive that one burpcloth becomes, so he needs to be patient while you are busy saving him money!!

by kathymourie 27 Sep 2015

Very nice!!! I have these, but haven't made them yet. I think sometimes I am just a collector of designs. Oh, and Machines!!!!


by spendlove Moderator 27 Sep 2015

Been there done that....

by blueyekat 27 Sep 2015

Very cute burp pads. Love the husband's comment of price of burp pads, got that from my ex as well, lol, I tell others who question my inventory of embroidery machines, I have a 15 needle Tajima, Viking SE, and my first Janome Memory Craft 8000 embroidery's the self satisfaction, enjoyment of sewing and end result of the awesome finished product that is priceless!

laffma1 by laffma1 27 Sep 2015

I like how you think. I, too, believe it is the satisfaction that is priceless - be it for those who receive a made-with-love gift, or my own.

pldc by pldc 27 Sep 2015

blueyekat welcome to our cute family! We are very happy to have you here with us. ~hugs Loralye~

by noah 27 Sep 2015

excellent job hugs

by sonjapotgieter 27 Sep 2015

These are so Gorgeous!!!!Great work and designs