by arlene 24 Sep 2015

Does anyone own the Brother Quanttro-Innovis 6,000D embroidery machine? I have a chance to purchase one used 5 times but don't know anything about it.


by dragonflyer 25 Sep 2015

You cant go wrong... I agree with Leaha...check out warranty, lessons, good dealer reputation...lucky lady... I have BabyLock Ellisimo Gold...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015


arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

the person is asking 2500.00 and used it 5 times. didn't know if this was a good price or not.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 29 Sep 2015

Sounds like a good price to long as you can get the warranty...and you are sure it has been recently serviced by an authorized dealer...both important things to be sure of! Also, check out the stitch count in the information pages in the machine...that will tell you a lot about how much the machine has been used...If it hasn't been serviced, I would insist she get it serviced before you purchase it...

by Smokey12 25 Sep 2015

I absolutely love mine. I also have a Babylock Ellismo, and an Elna Dream Vision (old machine). I have never regretted the purchase of my Brother. It always works great and is not a "fussy" machine. Yes, I love the big hoops. Check it out at the shop, if it all works good, I think you would be happy with it.

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

it is from a lady selling it due to her health.

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Sep 2015

I have two Brother machines but neither are the one you are asking about. Knowing the brand they are excellent and it sounds as if there is a super machine out there waiting for a new home. From having used a number of Brother embroidery machines they are simpleto operates and straight forwardsandproduce excellent results. Both my machines were preloved

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

it has only been used 5 times.

by pcteddyb 25 Sep 2015

I have the 6000 with the first upgrade (the one that scans) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have more than 10 million stitches on it now. It was the top of the line Brother (The Baby Lock Elissimo is basically the same as theQuattro) model before the Dream Machine came out last year. I have no regrets - and have looked at a gently used one myself. I have never have the embroidery foot off and it has such great sewing features that I would like one for sewing and as a back-up machine for embroidery (for when it is getting TLC at the dealer, like now - aaaaahhhhh!).

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

sounds like a great machine.

by pennifold 25 Sep 2015

Hi Arlene, I have the Brother Quattro Innovis 6700D and love most of its features. The only feature I don't like is that it doesn't stop after 10-12 stitches to let you cut the threads. My Husqvarna Designer SE has that particular feature and of course I've had that machine for years so am used to having it. There are still things I've not tried out on it and I've had it for 3 years this November. I agree with Leaha, make sure you get training on it, ensure you have a great dealer and a technician. I have a massive book that I got with my Brother which has everything written in it about the machine - over 370 pages thick. Piccie below. There are also great sites on the internet with groups that can help you out. Love Chris

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

thanks for all the information.

by lbrow 25 Sep 2015

Sounds like you are fixing to get a sweet deal Arlene/Lillian

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

haven't bought yet. wanted to know what others thought of it.

by Leaha 24 Sep 2015

Hi Arlene, I was able to get a one awhile back and I love it! Are you buying from a reputable dealer? Check warranties, service etc and make the demo it to you. there is nothing I dislike about it...except that I haven't had it sooner. Also see if they will give you a few lessons. I love mine. I'm still learning the ins and outs of it but that will be on going. I think pennifold has one. Leaha :)

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arlene by arlene 27 Sep 2015

it is a private person selling it due to her health. wasn't sure about buying from someone instead of dealer.