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by jrob Moderator ( edited 02 Oct 2015 ) 23 Sep 2015

Update: My precious friend went to the Gynecologic-oncologist and is scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks (they are letting her heal some more from the previous procedure). At that time they will check lymph nodes from three different areas to see if cancer cells are there. If so, they will formulate a battle plan. She is very positive and a woman of great faith. Your continued prayers are coveted. Hugs and many thanks!

I can't even breathe. I took my best, best friend to the doctor this morning to a follow-up for a complete hysterectomy due to a prolapsed uterus and the pathology report came back that she had uterine cancer. She goes to an oncologist at the end of next week.

Please pray. Pray for comfort for her and her family. Pray that the cancer was contained within the removed uterus. Pray that God has already healed her. Praise Him for working in her life. Praise Him for being Love.


by tlp22 04 Oct 2015

My Heart and prayers are with you all. It's a tough surgery. God be with you all and the doctors and team to bring her health back to complete.
God has placed you in this woman's life for the strength and support you are already showing her..It may be a call in the middle of the night. Or just a hug or holding of the hand. God will give you the strength to pass to her. Dear God in Heaven surround this family and her friends with the healing powers of Your love and understanding.Heal this woman of the cancer she has and bring her health and peace. Amen. God Bless you all.

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Oct 2015

We will keep on praying for everybody in this fight.

by airyfairy 04 Oct 2015

My heart goes out to you all. She is lucky to have a friend like you Jerrilyn. Thinking of you at this time

by lbrow 03 Oct 2015

Continuing every day Jerrilyn. She is in His hands/Lillian

by dailylaundry 03 Oct 2015

Your dear friend, and her family, and you, Jerrilyn will continue to be in my prayers. Hugs, Laura*

by graceandham 03 Oct 2015

Prayer warriors make great fighters. She will be in an excellent state of mind to begin dealing with whatever lies ahead. Will continue in prayer for her and for you, her best friend. Let us know specifics to pray for if she is comfortable with that. Right now, I'm praying for good communications, excellent doctor and medical team skills, and the right plan.

by arisann 02 Oct 2015

Prayed for her and her family. May God be with her. He is there for her. May God receive glory from all your friend is going through.
lv Aris

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

Thank you so much. I echo your prayers.

by kezza2sew 27 Sep 2015

I certainly will pray for your friend...your love for her will be your best support for her...

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

Thank you.

by justsew 26 Sep 2015

Praying for you both, I am so sorry to hear this.
Hugs Pam

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

Thanks, Pam. I appreciate it.

by juanitadenney 25 Sep 2015

I will be praying for her. Juanita

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

I appreciate it. Thank you, Juanita.

by pldc 24 Sep 2015

a wonderful psalm & leave it all in God's hands. A comforting prayer. ~hugs~

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

Hugs to you, too.

by gerryvb 24 Sep 2015

prayers for your best friend, and prayers and strength for you to comfort her. Hugs, Gerry

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jrob by jrob 02 Oct 2015

Thank you Gerry. I'm needing help with that strength now and then.

by jrob Moderator 24 Sep 2015

Thank you all so very much. My heart isn't as heavy today because of who is in control. I got the sweetest love note this morning when I opened my devotional is was from Jesus Calling and was based on Psalms 16:8-11. Pretty sure He put it there for us today.
8 I keep the Lord in mind always.
Because He is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
I love that you pray for my friend and me. Thank you isn't sufficient.
9 Therefore my heart is glad
and my spirit rejoices;
my body also rests securely.
10 For You will not abandon me to Sheol;
You will not allow Your Faithful One to see decay.
11 You reveal the path of life to me;
in Your presence is abundant joy;
in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.

lbrow by lbrow 24 Sep 2015

Thank you precious Lord for hour promises/Lillian

pennifold by pennifold 27 Sep 2015

Often our daily devotionals speak to us in words that touch our heart and soul. Love Chris

by pennifold 24 Sep 2015

Thank you for being such a wonderful caring friend for your BFF. Prayers that the Oncologist will alleviate her concerns and that any treatment she may need will be pain free. I will also pray for her family Jerrilyn knowing that they will be going through all of this with her. Love Chris

by gerryb 24 Sep 2015

Our God is bigger than cancer. Praying that prolapsed uterus saved her life by getting ALL the cancer out. Hugs to you and your friend...along with many prayers!

by airyfairy 24 Sep 2015

What can I say to you Jerrilyn. I am so terribly sorry for all concerned. Hugs Sarah

by katydid 23 Sep 2015

I am so sorry, I will pray for her!

by haleymax 23 Sep 2015

I'm so sorry. Praying for comfort and healing for you and her family.

by dragonflyer 23 Sep 2015

So very sad to hear very glad you are there to support her...prayers for all...

by barba 23 Sep 2015

My prayers are with your friend and you for God to work his miracles. Hugs, Barba

by sebsews 23 Sep 2015

My heart, thoughts and prayers are being sent to your friend, her family and to you. Suzanna

by lbrow 23 Sep 2015

My sweet dear friend. There are no words for me to convey how I feel in my heart right now for both of you dismay,a heavy sadness,an ache in the pit of my being are just a few. God has already begun His work when He had you with her when she needed you at that very moment. He will give you the grace you need to help her through this you will both be in my prayers daily, this I promise...Trust Him And hang on to His promises. Much much love to both of you/Lillian

by sdrise 23 Sep 2015

prayers are with you and her...

by noah 23 Sep 2015

yes i will pray and Thank our God for healing her:):)carolyn

by joansatx 23 Sep 2015

Praying for each need, known and unknown.

by mops Moderator 23 Sep 2015

That must have been quite a shock. Prayers for all involved. I hope it was contained and that it was not an agressive cancer. I am a 9 yr surviver of stage 2 uterine/endometrium cancer, I know the effect it has on husband and children - some are a tower of strength, some try to deny it, some need a lot of reassurance. She is so lucky to have you as a friend, you won't run away but will stand by her.

by Leaha 23 Sep 2015

Of course I will be honored to add my prayers for your friend and her family. You will also be in them as you need help and guidance too. hugs

by snowbird42 23 Sep 2015

OMG now awful ....soozie

by basketkase 23 Sep 2015

I am so sorry to hear of your friend, Jerrilyn.......will keep you all in prayers!

by cfidl 23 Sep 2015

I am, I will.

by rescuer Moderator 23 Sep 2015

Prayers for her and for you dear friend as I know you will both need God to get you through this! Stay strong and have faith that God knows and He has a plan for her.

by dailylaundry 23 Sep 2015

Oh, Jerrilyn, I will definitely have your friend in my prayers. I will pray that she has been healed and for her family and all their worries! Please update us! Hugs, Laura*

by cathy66 23 Sep 2015

She is in my prayers , Cathy

by grandmamek 23 Sep 2015

I will pray for her that God will place his healing hands upon her . May he comfort her and her family. Hugs, Mary

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Sep 2015

I am praying and crying with you. In my thoughts wrapping my arms around you both. Hugs

by graceandham 23 Sep 2015

My sister's was just a few hundred cells instead of tens of thousands and hers was not considered contained. She did chemo and is a 21 year survivor. Tell your friend to ask the doc for GOOD sites for her to do her own research and understanding of the disease so she is ready for the fight! Meanwhile, prayers!

by michemb 23 Sep 2015

Can't imagine what it is like to get that kind of news, praying for her and her family and for you as well so that can can sustain her during this difficult time.
hugs Michelle