by laffma1 20 Sep 2015

Wow - what a surprise when I opened this site just now and saw that I have 23456 flowers in my cute garden. Now that's an interesting number. Thanks to all the Cuties who help water my garden.


by elemausi 20 Sep 2015

Another flower for your garden.

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laffma1 by laffma1 20 Sep 2015

Thank you elemausi. It is a bit of fun to watch the gardens grow here, since I don't have many flowers in my outdoor garden at home. I grow vegetables and herbs mostly, and we have lots of trees.

by mranderson 20 Sep 2015

Just gave you another to mess it all up, sorry. Hugs Marg

laffma1 by laffma1 20 Sep 2015

Thank you Mark, I'm glad you added another flower to the garden. I knew that number would not last long, so I tried to take a screen grab of it, but could not figure out how to copy it from the tablet to my post. Oh well, at least I we got to see it for a brief moment. Thanks and hugs to you too.

laffma1 by laffma1 20 Sep 2015

Well, now if I could just turn off that auto spell correction. That should say thanks "Marg".