by matzo 18 Sep 2015

I hope I am in the proper forum. I have the following programs:

5D Design Enhancer
5D Embroidery Plus
4D File Assistant

I have been trying to find the modules for the photostitch and stitch editor for years. I purchased one but apparently need the professional version of 4D to activate it. Then I get the message it's already been activated on a different dongle.

I am desperately in need of the 5D professional program or the modules. Anybody have any direction to point me? None of the Viking or Pfaff dealers have been able to help.

Thank you!



by mops Moderator 19 Sep 2015

5D Embroidery Plus is sold separately, 4D File Assistant would not work with 5D Design Enhance is part of the Pro version. Once someone who owned it earlier has registered the module(s) you can't register again and you need the original dongle.
I am afraid 5D is outdated, 6D is still available although the upgrade to Premier Plus can be bought - the new program will be available shortly.

I own 5D and 6D, both the Pro versions - the dongle works for both. And 5D Quilt System which has its own dongle.

There is a 5DEmbroidery Yahoo group that has all sorts of information in their database and if your question is not there you can ask the question and usually get more than one answer.

by spendlove Moderator 18 Sep 2015

Welcome to Cute.
I'm sorry I can't help, but there are quite a few 5D users here who will be along soon.
In the meantime, why not browse around the site? The Q&A section will show you how everything works.